Fox New Journalist John Roberts Wife Kyra Phillips. His Net Worth and Salary

Image of John Roberts with his wife, Kyra Phillips

John Roberts co-anchors the weekday TV program American Reports on Fox News. Since joining the channel in January 2011, he has noticeably appeared on several Fox News shows such as Outnumbered (2014-2021), Fox and Friends (2012-2021), and Fox News Sunday (2012-2022), etc. A successful TV journalism career of almost five decades has earned him a … Read more

Charles Payne’s Wife Yvonne Payne, Kids, Net Worth, and Illness

Image of Charles Payne with his wife, Yvonne Payne

Charles Payne is a Wall Street analyst, businessman, and TV host. He has primarily earned recognition as the host of the famous Fox Business Network’s talk show titled Making Money with Charles Payne. Moreover, he is also known for his appearances in several other TV shows like Outnumbered (2014-2022), Your World w/Neil Cavuto (2007-2022), and … Read more

Jonathan Morris’s wife Kaitlyn Folmer and Kids. His Illness, Net Worth

Image of Jonathan Morris with his wife, Kaitlyn Folmer

Jonathan Morris is a former Catholic priest, Fox News analyst, and religious commentator. Throughout his career, he has established himself as a social and religious influencer. Recently, there have been some buzz about his illness, due to which he had to leave the prestigious priesthood life that he was following dearly. Is there any truth … Read more

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