Journalist Salary: How Much Do Journalists Make?

A professional journalist

Passion for journalism revolves around collaborative storytelling through media and literature. An audience becomes informed through investigative, human-centered stories and enterprise pieces that ultimately give them a newer perspective. By so doing, the audience can use the information obtained to make well-informed decisions. Thus, bettering the lives of humankind as a whole. While most journalists … Read more

Investigative Journalist Salary

Investigative Journalist

Most journalists might argue that all reporting is investigative reporting. However, the latter is much broader and encompasses a set of methodologies to follow. The salary of an investigative journalist is mostly based on unearthing scandalous stories of corruption, embezzlement of public funds, and cartels. Others get off the thrill of going undercover and chasing leads … Read more

Travel Journalist Salary

Travel Journalist

Right off the bat, a travel journalist journeys to the heart of the story to get you unseen footage of the news as it happens. As a requirement, a good travel writer should be multi-lingual, friendly, and with the ability to adapt to new environments. Society sometimes terms them as frivolous in that they aren’t … Read more

Average Broadcast Journalists Salary

Broadcast journalist Broadcast Journalists

Most broadcast journalists are people who can handle pressure. The job itself entails working with tight deadlines to research, conduct interviews, and report on developing news across electronic media such as television, radio, and the internet. It may also require the said journalist to maintain healthy and working relationships to provide credible information. As such, … Read more

Political Journalist Salary

Political Journalist

Political journalists often strive to report on current pollical events in community, local or national matters. An excellent political commentator should remain unbiased, regardless of his political stance. However, most are controversial and often lean towards one viewpoint. Unlike other reporters, a political journalist needs to be familiar with political science, political power, and civil … Read more

Is Toluse Olorunnipa Married? His Net Worth Wiki

Renowned journalist, Toluse Olorunnipa

‘Tolu’ or Toluse Olorunnipa is an American journalist who covers The White House news. He was born on December 21, 1986, in Nigeria, but later shifted to America. Holding a Nigerian nationality makes him the first journalist of Nigerian roots covering the White House. This quality makes his perspective unique from the other journalists. Is … Read more

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