Max Nichols Net Worth, Age, Wikipedia of Rachel Nichols Husband

On 1973 December 9 December 9, Max Nichols was born in Connecticut, United States of America. He is the child of Mike Nichols and Anabel Davis-Goff. Learn more about Rachel Nichols’ Husband, Max Nichols, Wikipedia, age, and net worth as we discover his information.

Max’s mother, Anabel, is a novelist and a screenwriter, while his father, Mike Nichols, was known as being prominent in the American film industry. Max Nichol’s dad, Mike, is a theatre and film director who has worked as an actor and producer.

Mike also succeeded in the film industry, and most of his movies received an award. In addition to his parents, Max has a younger sister named Jenny Nichols, who works as an actress, and a stepsister named Daisy, a writer and producer of filmmaking.

Max started as a young actor in the movie business, but he decided to continue in that line of work. He decided to choose the career of being a music video director instead.

Max was the director of Mike Jones’ appearance in T-Pain’s “I’m N Luv Wit a Stripper” music video, released in 2006. In 2014, he had his debut in directing with the independent love comedy Two Night Stand.

He started working as a filmmaker at the start of the new millennium. But none of his movies was a financial success.

He, therefore, keeps working on projects that would advance his career as a well-known filmmaker.

Max Nichols is famous for being Journalist Rachel Nichol’s husband.

Image of Max Nichols with his wife, Rachel Nichols
Max Nichols with his wife, Rachel Nichols

Sports journalist Rachel Nichols, Max’s wife, is well-known for hosting shows on numerous sports channels. She is an ESPN television host and reporter for sports.

Since then, she has worked as the host of several programs on the network. Rachel and Max become friends at a Maine summer camp where they first met as teenagers, but there is no romantic chemistry between them.

They reconnected years previously and fell in love. They have twin daughters and have been happily married since May 25, 2001.

Max Nichols Wikipedia

The national identity of Max Nichols is American. He also practices Judaism and has the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Rachel Nichols’s husband Nichols has blue eyes and a colour black hair, is approximately six feet one inch tall, and weighs about seventy-seven kilograms.

American filmmaker, actor, and producer Max Nichols are best known for his work in the films Chemistry Lessons, Day 5, and Two Night Stand. Max is well-known as the husband of Rachel Nichols, an American sportscaster who works as an anchor, reporter, and television host for ESPN.

Max and Rachel desire their kids to grow up in a quiet environment. They have twin daughters. However, there is only a little information about the two kids.

More than 16.1k people follow him on Instagram. In addition, Max is not active on Facebook or Twitter.

His educational history is not available to the public. Since Nichols is very private, he has kept his personal life a secret.

Max Nichols’ Net Worth

Several people assume that if someone is married to a well-known and renowned person, they do not need to work and do not possess any real estate or income by themselves. It might be the situation occasionally; however, Max is a clear example of this not being the case.

Max Nichols predicted net worth is $3 million. It is a fact that Max has a highly successful career path earning $92,220 as his annual income from his job.

To be more accurate, he receives $9 to $100 for every hour of TV time. His performances cost $17 per hour, and if he appears on TV, they cost $81,000.


The date that Max Nichols was born is December 9, 1973, and he is 50 years old currently.

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