Jim Acosta Ex-Wife Sharon Mobley Stow. Salary, Net Worth.

Jim Acosta is the news anchor and principal correspondent of CNN for domestic political news. He was also assigned as the principal correspondent of CNN at the White House during the term of President Trump. Acosta’s father is a Cuban refugee. His mother, on the other hand, is a mix of Irish and Czech blood. Moreover, Acosta is an alumna of James Madison University with a mass communications diploma. He is born Abilio James Acosta. Now, he is professionally recognized as Jim Acosta. Jim did not start in television but radio.

Sharon Mobley Stow Was Jim Acosta’s Wife From 1994 to 2007.

Jim and Sharon met as college students. They dated throughout their college life, and both graduated from university in 1994. In 1994, just a year after their graduation, Jim proposed to Sharon. The college sweethearts married at a private ceremony attended only by a few friends and family. Their wedding took place at the Carmichael Methodist Church.

Jim and his former wife have three kids. Jim and his wife lived in Maryland while raising their three kids. The renowned news reporter lived a quiet life and kept his family away from the prying public eye. Likewise, he took his wife to public events occasionally. Jim had a well-balanced career and family life. However, news of his divorce shocked his fans when it broke out.

Jim and his former partner Sharon Mobley separated in 2017. They married for over two decades. Their divorce was finalized at the District Court of Charles County on July 6, 2017. The details surrounding their divorce have been kept very private. The reason why the couple separated is also not known. There have been no speculations of extra-marital affairs between the couple. Jim Acosta has been officially single since 2017.

Sharon Mobley Stow Age, Wiki Bio

Sharon Mobley Stow is a native of Maryland, born on December 26, 1970. She is a registered nurse by profession. Sharon comes from a religious family. The former wife of Jim Acosta has two other siblings. She studied nursing at the James Madison University, where she crossed paths with her future husband, Jim Acosta.

Image of renowned news anchor, Jim Acosta and his ex-wife
A renowned journalist working at CNN, Jim Acosta and his ex-wife, Sharon Mobley Stow.

Jim Acosta’s former spouse Sharon Mobley earned her degree in nursing but never really got to work as a nurse. After getting married right after college, she focused on her husband and then raising her kids. However, after the divorce, Sharon could finally fulfill her dream of working as a nurse. She took her licensure exam and passed with flying colors in 2015. It has always been her dream to work in the medical field. Sharon takes full care of her kids with Jim.

Jim Acosta’s Married Now? Or Dating?

The good-looking news correspondent is now happily single. He has been spotted out on dates with anonymous women. It seems that he has been dating around and is not yet ready to commit to a serious relationship. Jim Acosta is enjoying his life as a bachelor for now.


Jim Acosta shares three kids with his ex-wife Sharon Mobley Stow. The names of their first two kids are Hartley and Peter. However, they have not revealed the name of their youngest son. There are also no details on the birth dates of their kids.


The high-profile political journalist has an annual salary of approximately $700,000. Jim Acosta has spent years in the field of journalism. He started as a lowly news reporter and slowly ascended the ranks. Acosta is one of the highest-paid news journalists at present. Likewise, his fearless reporting and dedication to his job are highly valued.

Net Worth.

Acosta has a well-decorated career in journalism that spans almost three decades. Furthermore, his years of experience as a respected political journalist have significantly increased his net worth. As of the year 2021, Jim Acosta has a net worth of $5 million approximately.

Image of renowned news anchor at CNN, Jim Acosta
News anchor and principal correspondent of CNN for domestic political news, Jim Acosta.

His income source is primarily from his job as a news correspondent. In addition, he is also an author with one bestseller book under his name. In fact, his reputation and value as a news journalist have grown substantially through the years. Truly, the fearless correspondent has shown that he does not back down from asking the tough questions even with the United States president. He considers it’s his job to ask the tough questions so that the American people will know the truth.

Height and Measurement

Jim Acosta appears to be a tall guy on television, and he is indeed tall in person. He stands at 5 feet and 9 inches. Likewise, he weighs 67 kg which makes him very fit for a tall guy. Jim owes his fit body to his healthy lifestyle and regular workout routine. Although he has a hectic career, Jim makes sure never to miss his workout. Of course, Jim spends time at the gym or goes out for a jog to keep himself fit.

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