What is Stephanie Gosk Wife Jenna Wolfe Doing Now?

Jenna Wolfe, the current lesbian partner/wife of fellow news correspondent Stephanie Gosk, was formerly known as the NBC News journalist. Wolfe began getting the attention ever since publicly coming out as a lesbian in 2013; same-sex law became legal in America the same year.

Besides this, Wolfe is a multitalented woman who is an actress and fitness trainer while also doing a prolific job as a journalist. However, Wolfe quit working with NBC News after more than eight years of service.

Hence, this has raised a lot of speculation as to what this 49-year-old is up to now.

Who is Jenna Wolfe?

Jenna Wolfe is a Jamaican woman who was born to a Jewish mother and father. After migrating to the US, Wolfe attended Binghamton University to study English and French.

After graduating, Wolfe became the anchor of NBC which covered news on lifestyle and fitness. Since then, Wolfe rose to fame. Not only that, but Wolfe spends much of her later stages as a personal trainer and fitness expert.

On a side note, some fans may also recognize Wolfe as an actress who played in films like The Buffalo Son, Homeland, and Royal Pains.


Initially, Stephanie Gosk’s wife, Jenna Wolfe, commenced her career as a journalist in the mid-90s. Wolfe’s first signing with a news channel was WICZ, an affiliate of the FOX network. There, Wolfe served as local news and sportscaster of the Binghampton area.

In 1998, Wolfe parted ways with WICZ to join another network affiliated with FOX named UHF in Rochester, New York. Quite similar to her past profession, Wolfe was a sports reporter in UHF as well. However, after a year, Wolfe switched to WPHL.

In subsequent years, Wolfe signed with MSG and ABC as a sportscaster for many years. However, Wolfe’s breakthrough came in 2004 when she started garnering attention for her abilities to analyze games, report news and present effectively.

Later, in 2007, NBC News hired Wolfe after an impressive display of her journalism talent. Likewise, Wolfe would go on to work with the network for eight and a half years for what would be her legendary career.

NBC provided Jenna the position of reporter for the Today segment during the weekends. Later, Wolfe quit this show to join the Today show during the weekdays.

However, Stephanie Gosk’s wife, Jenna Wolfe, took a two-year sabbatical from journalism in 2015. During this time, Wolfe focused on other things only to resume broadcasting in 2017. This time, Wolfe worked as an anchor for FOX Sports.

From 2015 to 2017, Wolfe gave attention to health and took an alternative career as a fitness expert by becoming a certified personal trainer. Within those two years, Wolfe transformed her physique as well. Not only that, but Wolfe began appearing on news channels with workout videos so people could lose weight. Wolfe also has a YouTube channel where she shares her workout regimen.

Jenna Wolfe Net Worth.

As of 2023, Jenna Wolfe’s worth stands at $2 million. It is no doubt that Jenna has been able to earn such a figure because of her 25 years of service in the news world.

Usually, a FOX news reporter earns an average of $70,000 in New York. Though there is no information on Wolfe’s actual salary, her earnings should be around this figure. Furthermore, inexperienced reporters bag in $67k, and experienced ones can earn up to $139k.

Besides this, FOX reporter Jenna Wolfe is also a fitness expert who earns by giving out workout lessons. Moreover, Wolfe is the author of her best-selling book called Thinner in 30, which is available for $10.97 on Amazon.

Similarly, being a personal trainer, Wolfe’s expected salary is around $75,159, with the minimum being $37,189 in Manhattan.

Currently, Wolfe resides with her partner in their lavish house in Manhattan, which they purchased in 2014.

What Is Stephanie Gosk’s wife Doing Now?

So, the million-dollar question now is, what is Jenna Wolfe doing in 2023? It seems that Wolfe has made a dramatic return to television by resuming her journalism career once more.

Since 2017, Wolfe has been active in the news industry once again after signing the contract with the FOX Sports 1 channel. Currently, Wolfe hosts First Things First in the morning which provides in-depth analysis and opinions on sports.

However, Wolfe is also active in the fitness sector as she daily provides exercise routines and nutrition plans to her followers.

Image of host of First Things First, Jenna Wolf and her family
Working as host on First Things First at News Fox, Jenna Wolfe and her wife , Stephanie Gosk, and daughters.

Furthermore, being the mother of two daughters, Wolfe is occupied in her little world. Wolfe is the mother of Quinn Lily Wolfeld-Gosk, 10, and Harper Estelle, 8, whom she gave birth to herself along with her partner Stephanie Gosk.

Jenna Wolfe Parents.

Jenna Wolfe is a Jewish who was born to multiethnic parents. Beginning with Wolfe’s father, his name was Bennet Wolfeld. Bennet is a Puerto Rican and was a renowned businessman in Puerto Rico. Wolfe’s father owned a line of high-quality leather factories. Likewise, Wolfe’s mother is Sheila Greenfeld, who was an American Jew.

Image of host of First Things First, Jenna Wolfe and her mother
Fitness expert and journalist, Jenna Wolfe and her mother, Sheila Greenfeld.

Jenna Wolfe was very close to her grandmother, Estelle. She also gave Wolfe a diamond ring when she headed to the Beijing Olympics. Sadly, Wolfe lost her grandma in 2013.

When Jenna Wolfe came to this world, her parents were in Jamaica. Later, the Wolfe family shifted to Haiti and then America. As a result, Stephanie Gosk wife Jenna Wolfe had a multiethnic and religious origin. Wolfe also did her culture’s traditional bat mitzvah while she was in the Jamaican islands.

It is unsure whether Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe is still alive to this date, as Jenna never mentions them in her social media posts.

Instead, Wolfe is focused on her new family.

Stephanie Gosk wife Jenna Wiki Facts


Jenna Wolfe has reached the age of 51 years.

Marriage Date

Wolfe walked down the aisle with her lesbian partner, Stephanie Gosk, in 2012.

Body Measurements

Jenna Wolfe stands tall at 5 feet and 8 inches (1.70 m), whereas she weighs 59 kg (130 lbs.). Likewise, Wolfe’s body measurement reads 38-inched chest, 26-inched waist, and 36-inched hips.

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