Who is Nischelle Turner Husband? Net Worth, Age

Nischelle Turner is an exceptional Emmy award-winning journalist of this time. She has built a strong influence in the area of journalism.

The Emmy award winner began her journey from a reporter and stand-in anchor to being an announcer for different prime-time networks. The journalist also coordinates with highly profiled clients and personalities in today’s pop culture.

Is Journalist Nischelle Turner married to her husband?

Who is Nischelle Turner?

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Nischelle Turner is known as the former correspondent of t for HLN’s Showbiz Tonight and CNN. She is also known as one of the main hosts of Entertainment Tonight and Secret Celebrity Renovation

Nischelle Renee Turner is one of the top-notch correspondents of all time. She is the co-host of the long-time running show Entertainment Tonight (2014-present) and her newest, Secret Celebrity Renovation (2021-present).

She has shared contributions to CNN shows and co-hosted The Big Podcast with a former Basketball player named Shaquille O’Neal. The long-time TV journalist was nurtured by her single mother along with relatives in Columbia, Missouri.

After graduating high school, the Secret Celebrity Renovation host initially enrolled at the University of Kentucky.

Regardless of how exceptional the school was, she decided to be admitted to the University of Missouri. Nischelle finished excellently in 1998 with a degree in Journalism and Broadcast Media News.

The top-notch Secret Celebrity Renovation host immediately landed a job at WEHT ABC, located in Indiana, where she worked for a year and a half to gather experience.

Right after she left the network, she launched her profession with FOX TV, and this is where Nischelle began to be a reporter. When they found out about her potential, she immediately became an anchor focusing on being a National Football League (NFL) commentator.

The FOX TV reporter’s commitment became her ladder of success as she set off as a well-known and respected host today.

Nischelle also appeared in a few TV series, such as the fantasy drama series ‘Torchwood’ (2011), Supergirl (2015), and American Horror Story. Her latest appearance was on the long-time soap opera The Young and the Restless (2019).

Net worth

As a journalist, Nischelle hosted many TV shows, and being a correspondent is challenging, thus allowing her to earn a good paycheck. The Emmy winner host has a reported net worth of approximately $2 million this year.

Her earnings for 2023 range from $162,574 to $475,483, excluding other bonuses and benefits. Her salary made her enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, and she has been considered one of the most influential United States media personalities.

How old is Nischelle Turner?

Born on February 11, 1975, based on Wikipedia, the 48 years old Secret Celebrity Renovation host is looking young and still engaging in different activities, particularly in her career. In her high school years, Nischelle became one of the school’s cheerleading team.

The Entertainment Tonight host loves to enjoy and explore different challenges, specifically travelling and yoga which she adores and even shares on her social media platform, Instagram.

Is Nischelle Turner Married to a husband or Dating a Boyfriend/Partner?

Being an Emmy Award winner, people are interested in the 47 years to host relationship status. But for The Big Podcast host, secluding her personal life is essential. She concentrates on her journalism career, and most of her time is involved in different shows.

Nischelle is a proud single who enjoys the fruit of her hard work with her family. The CNN contributor has been very open about her career yet reserved in her love life.

Were Nischelle Turner and Shaq Dating?

Who wouldn’t think of them as a couple? The two have been very close and have good chemistry in the show ‘The Big Podcast.’ Their first episode started in April 2021, and everyone loves their tandem, hoping for the two to discover a potential relationship.

nischelle turner shaq

The two hosts of The Big Podcast attended the Super Bowl event, which opened more assumptions among people. Although this is the case, both made it very clear that they are great friends.

Nischelle has a 16 Years old son named Jordan

On her social media platform, Twitter and Instagram, the Secret Celebrity Renovation host always declares her love for Jordan Turner, her 16-year-old son.

Nischelle ensures that the child remains protected from media, thus, not showing any information about him on different platforms.

All we know is this child is growing to be a handsome sports lover, particularly in basketball and football. The Entertainment Tonight host will be forever proud of the person Jordan is becoming.

Who are Nichelle Turner’s parents?

The Emmy award-winning journalist is the daughter of Jaqueline Turner, while there has been no information about her father.

Nischelle has been raised by her mother and closest relatives, which made her who she is today. She shared plenty of appreciation posts for her mother, Jacque Turner, on social media, particularly on Instagram, and considered her a wonder woman and idol.

For the 48 years old host, her family has had a significant role in achieving her dreams and prosperous life in journalism. In addition, she has vast adoration for her extended family, and making time for them is essential to her.

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