Deborah Norville Age, Net Worth, Yarn, Husband Karl Wellner.

Deborah Norville is a television news host and entrepreneur. She is the current anchor of Inside Edition. Deborah is also known for her yarn business. In the past, she has hosted CBS News and Today on NBC. Read this to know Deborah Norville Yarn and meet her husband Karl Wellner.

How Old Is Deborah Norville?

The TV journalist was born in the year 1958, on August 8 to be exact. Deborah Norville’s age as of this year is 65 years old. She had an early start in her career because she graduated from journalism at the University of Georgia in just three years.

Deborah Norville Net Worth.

With an astonishing career she started in 1979, 65 years old journalist Deborah has made quite an impressive wealth for herself. Life lifelong career as a Journalist is not the only income source for Deborah Norville’s net worth.

Apart from Deborah Norville’s salary of $2.5 million per year, she has various other income sources.

She has also successfully authored almost a dozen books that were ranked one of the top-selling after its release. Apart from being an accomplished journalist, Norville also has her own side business Yarn about which you will know more in the below section.

From all these income sources, as of 2023, Deborah Norville’s net worth is $18 Million according to celebrity net worth.

Deborah Is Married To Husband Karl Wellner Since 1987.

Deborah Norville is the wife of investment expert and businessman Karl Wellner. The relatives of Deborah introduced the pair in Sweden.

At first, she was reluctant to go out on a date with a stranger and in a foreign country. Luckily, her relatives were very persistent, so she eventually relented. The first date with Deborah and Karl went well.

The two just hit it off right away, and on that same night, Karl asked for a second date.

Image of world renowned journalist, Deborah Norville and her husand
The world-renowned journalist, Deborah Norville and her husband, Karl Wellner.

Karl Wellner proposed to Deborah just four months after their memorable blind date. The very excited groom-to-be proposed two times. The first proposal was in New York, at their favorite sandwich shop. The second one was in Brazil while they were on vacation. Deborah said yes to both of Karl’s romantic proposals.

The couple decided to have a December wedding, and they wanted to pick a date that coincided with the Feast of Santa Luisa. This is a special Swedish feast that was important to the couple.

Karl Wenner and Deborah Norville became husband and wife on December 12, 1987. The ceremony was held at the Saint James Episcopal Church. This year Karl and Deborah will be commemorating 35 years of togetherness as husband and wife.

After 35 years, the couple is still inseparable. They love to travel together to different countries. Deborah often posts their travel photos on her Instagram. Clearly, Karl and Deborah are still very in love with one another after so many years.


Deborah Norville and her husband Karl Wellner are the proud parents of three grown-up kids. Their first child is Nick, whom the couple welcomed in 1991. The eldest Wellner offspring is now 32 years old and works at Intercom Australia as an accounts executive.

Image of world renowned journalist, Deborah Norville and her family
Well-known journalist, Deborah Norville and her husband, Karl Wellner, and children.

The second Wellner offspring is Kyle, who was born in 1995. He is now 28 years old and currently works as an associate at his father’s company Papamarkou.

The youngest is Mikaela, born in 1998. The only girl of the Wellner siblings is now 25 years old and works at the New York-based company, Attentive as a sales development representative. All three of the Wellner siblings went to university at Duke.

Deborah Norville Husband Karl Wellner Wikipedia Bio.

Karl Wellner is of Swedish origin. Deborah met him when she visited the country. He was born in 1953, but the specific birth date is vague.

His place of birth is Stockholm, Sweden. He finished his degree at the Stockholm School of Economics. There are no details about his parents.

What is known is that he is the President and CEO of Papamarkou Wellner Asset Management Inc. Additionally, he is also the founding partner of Kawe Kapital.

Karl took over Papamarkou in 2003, after the death of Alexander Papamarkou. His company caters to multi-millionaire clients and assists them in managing their vast wealth.

Before joining Papamarkou, Karl worked in several banks and has also tried several investment ventures. He had a solid background in investment before joining Papamarkou.

The firm has grown through the years under his management. As of today, the firm has 120 clients. They are currently managing a total asset of $120 billion.

Another interesting fact about Deborah Norville’s husband Karl Wellner is that he is an excellent speaker of seven different languages. He speaks Russian, Italian, Swedish, Estonian, German, French, and English. This has been very beneficial in his business since he caters to clients from all over the world.

The net worth of Karl Wellner for 2023 is $40 million. And this is primarily from the firms that he manages and owns.

Family Over Career.

Deborah Norville graduated from university early, so her journalism career took off early. Looking back, she is glad that she did not marry at an early age. Deborah was a very ambitious young graduate at that time, and she dedicated most of her time to her work.

The aspiring journalist spent a lot of late nights at work. The nature of her job also entailed some travelling around the country. As she looks back at it now, she is glad that she was single at that time.

She could not imagine how her husband, Karl Wellner, had to put up with all the hours she put into her work. And she knew that she would have let go of many opportunities because she would never sacrifice her family.

Deborah met her husband when she already had an established career, and it was just the perfect time for both of them. She did not have to spend many gruelling hours at work to get ahead with her career.

The young couple got to start their family and give their kids the time and attention they needed. In 1995, Deborah got a significant break in her journalism career. She became the sole anchor of Inside Edition.

Deborah has always put her family first before anything else. She sees that she has quality time with her kids and husband, even if her schedule is hectic. The busy mom also makes it a point to attend all special occasions, from birthdays, graduations to games.

When she has free time, Deborah and her husband Karl Wellner plan activities with their kids, such as going to concerts, movies, or short trips. Her hard work as a mother has been recognized when she won the Mother of the Year in October 2014. The American Cancer Society gave the award.

Balance Between Work and Family.

The famous news anchor has successfully balanced her family and career, but it was not smooth sailing. As she raised her family, Deborah made sacrifices along the way.

There have been some assignments and career opportunities that she had to forego for the sake of her family. However, now that her kids have their successful careers, she knows that all of her sacrifices have been worth it.

In a blog post by herself, she wrote,

There were assignments and job opportunities I declined or didn’t pursue because of the impact it would have on our family. But I did so with no regrets. Having been unencumbered in the first decade of my career enabled me to be nimble and jump on opportunities when they presented

Deborah Norville Education and Graduation.

Deborah Norville is an alumna of the University of Georgia, where she finished her journalism degree in just three years. The young Deborah had a perfect GPA of 4.0 and graduated with summa cum laude honors. In addition, she was also the First Honor of her graduating class.

While attending university, Deborah joined the Student Judiciary on campus and was a sorority member of Delta Delta Delta. Deborah was also a member of the Phi Delta Kappa. Aside from her impressive career in journalism, she had also had an astounding career as a student when she was at university.

She Started Her Career As A Journalist Before Graduation.

Deborah’s career in journalism took off while she was still a student in university. Georgia Public Television hired her as an intern. There she worked under the nightly news show The Lawmakers. The show covered the Georgia General Assembly. An executive from WAGA-TV 5 noticed her potential while working on The Lawmakers. The news channel executive hired her as a summer intern for their station based in Atlanta. On her third day on the job, they asked Deborah to fill in. This was due to a shortage of reporters. She was the reporter on the six o’clock news that evening.

The channel executives liked her reporting style, so even if she was just a student, they offered her a job. Later, they promoted Deborah to become a reporter on the weekend news. She was a graduating student at the university at that time. Her new job entailed a one-hour commute from the university in Athens to her office in Atlanta. The working student left the university on Friday after class and drove for an hour to Atlanta. She had to sleep in her car at times. She parked her car in the office parking lot and slept there. Deborah worked all weekend. On Sunday evening, after the 11 pm news program, she would drive back to university. She would arrive at the university at past midnight and then go to class early the following day.

She got her big break as an intern at the news channel. This was when Deborah conducted a live interview with President Jimmy Carter.

Career Journey.

WAGA-TV 5 eventually hired her to be a full-time correspondent after she graduated from university. In 1979, they promoted her to weekend news anchor. A few years later, she transferred to WMAQ-TV. There she worked as a reporter and eventually got promoted to anchor. In 1986, Deborah moved to NBC News. Her new job required her to relocate to New York. A year later, she joined NBC News at Sunrise. She was the first solo female host of a news program. Her popularity grew on the show, and the ratings increased by 40 percent. The executives from Today Show noticed her rising popularity. Eventually, they invited her to substitute on the show a few times.

Her popularity as a television journalist increased when she hosted the documentary Bad Girls in August 1989. Girls involved in violence were the subject of the documentary. The Nielsen ratings ranked that show on the seventh spot for the most-watched program on the week that it debuted on television.

In September 1989, Deborah became the anchor of the Today Show. A year later, she became the co-host of the Today Show when Jane Pauley resigned. However, the ratings of the show dipped when Deborah took over as co-host. Deborah took maternity leave to give birth to her firstborn, and she decided not to come back to the show. Katie Couric replaced her. While recuperating from childbirth, Deborah hosted a radio news program called The Deborah Norville Show: From Her Home To Yours on the ABC TalkRadio Network.

In October 1992, Deborah made her television comeback on the CBS News as a reporter for 48 Hours and Street Stories. Later on, she worked as the co-anchor of CBS News. She also appeared occasionally on the CBS Sunday Evening News. Finally, in 1995 CBS promoted her to the anchor of Inside Edition. She holds this position until today. Deborah is the longest-running female news anchor on American television.

Awards and Nominations

Deborah Norville has won several awards in her career, but the most notable ones are her two Emmy Awards. She won her first Emmy in 1990 as a reporter for the Today Show. Deborah received the award in recognition for her exceptional coverage of the war in Romania. In 1994 she won her second Emmy Award for her blow-by-blow reporting on the Mississippi flooding. She was a correspondent under CBS News at that time.

Image of world renowned journalist, Deborah Norville with her awards
The past-host of CBS News and Today on NBC, Deborah Norville achieving “Broadcaster of the year”.

Deborah has also won other awards, such as Broadcaster of the Year from the DuMont Television Center in 2009. This distinction is given to personalities who have made profound contributions to broadcasting. She was also honored with two awards for her undercover work inside the North Carolina Jail. The gutsy correspondent reported what it was like to be an inmate inside the most brutal American jail.

Deborah was inducted into the Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2016. And in 2020, Deborah Norville received the Heart of Champion Award for her humanitarian work and contributions to society.

Thyroid and Surgery

Deborah Norville has been in the limelight for over two decades, and she has become used to fans commenting about almost everything about her appearance. Often she ignores these comments, but there was one comment that got her attention.

A fan of her show pointed out that she had a lump on her neck. It turned out to be a thyroid nodule, and she was more than thankful to the fan who first spotted it. She would not have noticed it had the fan not pointed it out.

According to, the personal doctor of Deborah checked the thyroid nodules. The nodule as it turned out was harmless. However, after several years it became malignant. In 2019, Deborah had thyroid surgery to remove the malignant lump on her neck.

Luckily, the cancer was localized. There was no need for chemotherapy and radiation. It turns out that thyroid cancer is one of the most common cancers nowadays. It affects women more than men. The good thing is that with proper treatment, the death rate for this type of cancer is low.

A Successful Author

Aside from being a celebrated television journalist, Deborah Norville is also a best-selling author. She published her first book entitled Back on Track: How to Straighten Our Your Life When It Throws You A Curve in 1997.

Deborah filled the book with stories and lessons that she learned during her time at the Today Show. In 2007 she released another book entitled Thank You Power: Making the Science of Gratitude Work For You. This book was mainly about the relevance and impact of gratitude in our lives.

It stresses how important it is to say thank you at all times. Deborah released her third book in 2009, and it was entitled The Power of Respect: Benefit from the Most Forgotten Element of Success. Her book presents scientific studies on the positive impact of respect on life in general. Deborah reiterates how respect is beneficial to career, business, and personal life.

In 2013 Deborah released another book to commemorate the 25th year of Inside Edition. The book was entitled, The Way We Are: Heroes, Scoundrels, and Oddballs. She co-wrote the book with Charlie Carillo. The book also featured a foreword written by Donald Trump.

Deborah is known for her passion for knitting and crocheting. She also wrote a book on the topic and is entitled Knit with Deborah Norville – 18 Classic Designs For The Whole Family (published in 2009).

Additionally, Deborah has also released children’s books entitled I Can Fly, and I Don’t Want To Sleep Tonight. She also contributes short stories for Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Deborah Norville Yarn

Deborah grew up in Dalton, Georgia, which is the home of the carpet industry. Her father was in the carpet business, so she grew up knowing the different types of yarns. In 2008, Deborah created the Deborah Norville Yarn Collection.

She launched the collection at the Craft Hobby Show, where the TV host was also the guest speaker. Her collection is in collaboration with Premier Yarns. At first, her collection featured only four kinds of yarn. However, through the years, her yarn collection has increased and now offers a wide selection.

The Deborah Yarn Collection is affordable but high in quality. It is also anti-pilling, so it does not form fuzz balls like other yarn brands. A mix of wool and bamboo composes her yarns for socks. The bamboo material in her yarn contains anti-microbial properties. The Alpaca Dance yarn is composed of alpaca wool. Her collection also includes the Wool Naturals that is made of 100 percent wool.

Winner of Whitfield Co, (GA) Junior Miss Pageant

Deborah wanted to become a lawyer as a young teen, but all that changed after she won the Whitfield Co. (GA) Junior Miss Pageant. She joined the pageant when she was a senior in high school. It was before her SAT exams and just after the playoffs for football. So it was typically a boring weekend. With nothing more exciting to do, she decided to join the pageant just for fun.

She won the pageant and moved on to Georgia’s Junior Miss Pageant. Her win was a big surprise to everyone, including herself. Nobody expected her to win because her talent for the pageant was sewing. But, instead, she went on stage, sat down, and started sewing. She then proceeded to America’s Junior Miss with the same talent, and she still got the crown.

She became exposed to the work of the television crew while doing the pageants. And she realized that it was a fascinating job. That was when Deborah made up her mind that she wanted to work on television.

Deborah Norville Hairstyle

Deborah opted for a more mature hairstyle at the beginning of her career to look older than her age and therefore appear more credible. However, the young Deborah had just turned 20 at that time. Some people questioned the quality of her work since she was so young.

Through the years, Deborah has sported many hairstyles depending on what was in style. However, her hairstyle has been mostly shoulder-length with soft waves with side-parted bangs. There was a time when she sported a very short bob, but she eventually let her hair grow.

Image of world renowned journalist, Deborah Norville
A television news host and entrepreneur, Deborah Norville’s famous hairstyles.

Some Notable Exposés Made By Norville

The Inside Edition host also had another television show entitled Exposed with Deborah Norville. The show featured exposés on some of the most shocking events in show business.

One of her exposés was on the life and death of actress and model Anna Nicole Smith. Anna was famous for being Playboy’s Playmate of the Year in 1993.

She also gained popularity when she married J. Howard Marshall, the 89-year-old multi-millionaire. Anna Nicole Smith died in 2007 after an accidental overdose on prescription medicines. Deborah’s expose tackled the reason why the doctors prescribed Anna a lot of painkillers.

Anna’s physician talked to the TV host about the reason behind her medications. Deborah also interviewed some of Anna’s friends and Larry Birkhead, Anna’s ex-husband and the father of her daughter.

Another featured exposé on the show was about Hollywood sex tapes. She exposed how sex tapes have launched the career of some stars. The episode also tackles who sells and earns from the sex tapes. It also tackles the law that celebrities push further to penalize the paparazzi.

In the episode Madoff with the Money, Deborah exposed the details of the greatest Ponzi scam. At the center of the scandal is Bernie Madoff, who revealed the fraud that he started. After Madoff’s exposé, an investigation was launched.

Investigators discovered that $50 billion worth of assets has disappeared without a trace. His victims came from various levels of society. Some were students, housewives, office workers, and so many more. His list of victims included big names in show business, such as Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Back. Deborah also exposed the cohorts of Madoff in setting up his scam.

The episode Bill Cosby Exposed delves into the scandal that involved the star. Deborah discusses how numerous women accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault that spanned several years. The host interviews one of the women accusing Cosby. The accuser shares the details of how the actor sexually assaulted her in the 1960s.

The Crafting Skills

Deborah Norville has always been passionate about anything involving a ball of yarn. And she can create different kinds of crafts out of a ball of yarn. The knitting enthusiast shares several videos on her website about the basics of knitting. There are also instructional videos on creating the perfect gift for loved ones with just a hook and some yarn.

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