Kit Hoover Husband Crowley Sullivan and Kids.

Kit Hoover was born Catherine on July 29, 1970. She is a renowned sports newscaster and TV journalist. She was a track athlete when she was in high school at the Marist in Atlanta. Kit finished her journalism degree at the University of North Carolina. The young Kit first appeared on the first season of Road Rules: the USA in 1995.

Currently, she is the co-host of Access and Access Live, which is an entertainment show. The show presents gossip news and everything related to celebrities in Hollywood. The famed TV personality also appears on The View, Real Simple Real Life, Six Flags TV, and Shaq Vs.

Kit Hoover and Husband Crowley Sullivan’s Love Life.

TV host Kit Hoover is married to equally famous Crowley Sullivan. The couple dated in 1995, when Kit was starting her career in television hosting. They dated for a few years before Crowley finally asked Kit to become his wife. They got married at a very romantic wedding on August 21, 1999. The loving couple has been married for 21 years and will celebrate their silver wedding anniversary in a couple of years.

Image of a renowned sports newscaster and TV journalist, Kit Hoover and her family
A successful sports newscaster and TV journalist, Kit Hoover with her husband, Crowley Sullivan and three kids

Crowley and Kit have settled in Los Angeles with their three beautiful children. The in-demand TV host has successfully balanced her time as a career woman and mother. Despite her hectic schedule, Kit still manages to find the time to bond with her husband and kids. Their favorite form of bonding is doing various types of outdoor activities.

Who Is Kit Hoover Spouse Crowley Sullivan?

Crowley Sullivan is the husband of well-known TV host Kit Hoover. In addition, he is the sports general manager of MANDT VR. Sullivan is also a renowned producer with several awards under his belt. The Peabody and the Emmy award-giving The Body have given him recognition for his achievements as a producer of virtual reality content under MANDT VR.

In addition, he was also one of the creators of the sports channel Campus Insiders, where he initiated the creation of programs and content. Through his initiative, they were able to seal a partnership deal with Patriot League, Atlantic 10, Conference USA, Mountain West, and Big 12. Sullivan was also able to entice veteran broadcasters to work for their company. With his hard work and determination, he was able to develop additional original content and live events.

Kit Hoover Husband Crowley Sullivan was also one of the developers of the sports channel ESPN Original Entertainment. He was the executive producer of Around the Horn, Pardon the Interruption, and Playmakers. All of these programs were a huge television success. In addition, he also served as the senior VP and executive producer of Red Line Films. He was at the helm of the business development aspect of the film company.

Do They Have Kids?

Kit and Crowley have three children. The first offspring of the Sullivan couple was born in 2004 and was named Hayes Sullivan. A year later, Kit gave birth to another daughter and named her Campbell.

In 2008, the TV host gave birth to a son whom they named after his proud father. They named the youngest and only boy of the Sullivan siblings, Crowley Sullivan Jr. Just like their mother; all Sullivan kids love running. Hoover has passed on to her children her love for running.

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