Susan Iger [Bob Iger’s first wife] Wiki, Biography.

Marrying a millionaire could be the best thing anyone would want. However, most of such marriages end prematurely. Similarly, Susan Iger lived her fantasy life when she married The Walt Disney Company’s chairman, Bob Iger, who had a net worth of $350 million. However, it had a tragic ending.

Regardless, after coming to the limelight, Susan Iger has generated a lot of curiosity. At the moment, Susan is a consulting producer at CUNY TV.

Susan Iger Age.

Susan’s actual date of birth is unknown. Some sources claim that she is about 74 years old. Hence, she was born in the year 1947. On the other hand, her ex-husband is 70 years old.

Susan Iger Wiki.

Susan Iger was born in New Jersey. She completed her high school at Abraham Clark High School. After completing her high school education, Susan attended American University in Washington.

Similarly, she completed her undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Science in television production in 1969. Apart from her education, very little is available about her childhood. Her parents’ name is not open to the public.


After graduating with a degree in media production, Susan started her career as a television producer for numerous tv channels, including WABC-TV, National Broadcasting Company, A&E Television Networks, Al Roker Entertainment, CNBC-TV, and WCBS-TV.

Likewise, she worked as an executive producer of special events in 1982. In the 1970s, there were very few television producers. However, TV had become popular in the 60s. As a result, the number of television networks was increasing in the 70s. So, it was a golden time for Susan to excel as a television producer.

Apart from that, she has also worked for non-commercial TV stations. This renowned television personality is currently working at a TV station based in New York.

Susan Iger Husband.

Susan was married to Bob Iger, also known by the name Robert Iger. There happens to be no information when Susan and Bob tied the knot as the couple prefers to keep their love life under wrap. It is also unclear when the couple met. But they married each other in a private ceremony after dating for some time.

Image of the former wife of renowned personality Bob Iger, Susan Iger
Susan Iger, the former wife of renowned celebrity Bob Iger.

Nonetheless, Susan was relatively unknown to the public before Bob became a prominent figure. Bob Iger is a multimillionaire businessman and the current president of Disney.

Bob Iger First Wife Susan Iger Kids.

Susan and her ex-husband shared two daughters. Their names are Kate Pamela Iger and Amanda Iger. The first daughter was born in 1979. As of now, Kate is happily married to her long-term boyfriend, Jarrod Alan Cushing. They married in September 2005. On the other hand, Amanda prefers to live a lowkey life.

Image of the daughters of renowned personality Bob Iger and Susan Iger
Kate Pamela Iger and Amanda Iger, the daughters of renowned personalities, Bob Iger and Susan Iger.

Bob Iger and First Wife Susan Iger Divorce.

For Susan and Bob, things were going smoothly for only a short period. But they parted ways in 1994. The reason for their divorce was Bob’s busy schedule that forced him to stay away from the family. The trouble started when Bob wanted to leave the family to go to LA as the new head of ABC Entertainment in 1989.

Since Bob traveled frequently, he could not spend much time with the family. In the end, Susan and Bob could not create a balance between their career and family.

Hence, Susan filed for a divorce against her husband in 1992, and they officially separated in 1994. But even after their separation, the former husband and wife seem to be in good terms. Both agreed to co-parent the kids.

Bob’s first wife Susan has not married anyone else after the divorce. Meanwhile, Bob is currently married to his second wife, Willow Bay. Susan spent much of her time nurturing her kids. Now, Susan’s first daughter is already married and lives in the New York greater city area.

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