Shepard Smith Net Worth and Salary.

David Shepard Smith Jr is a 57-year old news anchor from Holly Springs, Mississippi. He was a mainstay on Fox News for over two decades, stretching back to the late nineties when he first joined. Moreover, Shepard also featured on programs like Studio B, and The News with Shepard Smith.

As far as his educational background is concerned, Shepard is a former student at the University of Mississippi. Before that, he attended the Marshall Academy. Most recently, Smith tweeted about the official cease-fire in Gaza. Read through several more fascinating details about Shepard Smith’s salary and net worth.

Who is Shepard Smith?

Shepard Smith is a journalist affiliated with CNBC, where he works as the main anchor. At the start of his career in journalism, Shepard initially worked for NBC in Panama City Beach. He’d finally get his big break when he started hosting Fox’s special, A Current Affair.

During this period, Shepard covered several high-profile stories such as the death of Princess Diana. Moreover, he was also there to cover the impeachment trial of former president Bill Clinton.

His choice to leave Fox News, later on, did not come as a surprise to most. Shepard fell out with the Republican after he failed to chastise the Clinton party during the 2016 election.

After he left the network, Shepard became an advocate for the freedom of the press. He expressed his concerns with the government’s involvement with the media, particularly across social media platforms as well.

Shepard even went as far as to donate half a million dollars to the committee tasked with protecting the rights of journalists.

Net Worth.

Image of famous journalist, David Shepard Smith
A successful journalist at CNBC and Fox News, David Shepard Smith.

A great deal of David Smith’s income came from his work in broadcast. Back in 2007, sources reported that he signed a deal worth $7.5 million every year. Six years on from this, Shepard extended his contract with the sum worth $10 million.

By the time he had severed his ties with the network, Shepard was reportedly earning $15 million per annum.

Another asset he owns is 2341 square foot property which is valued at $4.9 million. Lastly, Shepard also boosted his net worth by appearing in two films, Addicted to Fame and Volcano. As of 2021, Shepard Smith’s net worth is $25 million.

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