Is Toluse Olorunnipa Married? His Net Worth Wiki

‘Tolu’ or Toluse Olorunnipa is an American journalist who covers The White House news. He was born on December 21, 1986, in Nigeria, but later shifted to America. Holding a Nigerian nationality makes him the first journalist of Nigerian roots covering the White House. This quality makes his perspective unique from the other journalists.

Is Toluse Olorunnipa Married?

This prominent Nigerian journalist is very reticent about his personal life. However, reports have that Toluse Olorunnipa is currently single and is not engaged or married to anyone. Also, Toluse has not revealed if he is now seeing anyone recently.

His busy job demands much of his attention and time. Due to this, he is single at the moment. Likewise, it may be that Toluse wants to keep his details private.

Though he may appear with various women on his social media, none of them is his soulmate. Instead, they are only his subject of interviews.

Net Worth

We know that Toluse Olorunnipa is an American journalist who covers for The White House. Similarly, Tolu is also an entrepreneur and writes a column for The Washington Post. Apart from that, he also works as a political analyst for CNN.

Image of renowned journalist and a political analyst for CNN, Toluse Olorunnipa
A renowned journalist and a political analyst for CNN, Toluse Olorunnipa.

Apart from working as a journalist, Toluse has also published and edited various books that have all ended up in high sales. For instance, one is The $15,000 Year. His salary as a journalist and as a correspondent for TV is somewhere around $50k a year. Hence, adding all that up, Toluse’s net worth is approximately $1.5 million as of 2023.

Wiki Bio Table

Name Toluse Olorunnipa
Date of Birth 1986
Age 36
BirthPlace Tallahassee, Florida
Country America
Ethnicity African-American
Education Standford (Sociology)
Profession Journalist
Marriage No
Girl Friend Not Available
Children No
Net Worth $1.5 million

Toluse carried his parents’ genes of being highly literate. Likewise, his parents would leave him in the library when they went to work.

From a young age, he loved reading articles and watching informative documentaries. Hence, this raised his interest in journalism and following stories and may have formed his journalism base.

Toluse completed his undergraduate and graduate degree in Sociology from Stanford University. Moreover, during his college years, he worked for The Stanford Daily.

Moreover, after completing his education, the 37-year-old reporter started working in the multimedia business. However, his tenure in the multimedia business was very short.

But his first official job as a journalist was for Miami Herald. While he was in Miami Herald, Toluse covered a variety of topics.

After that, he joined Bloomberg for a few years. From 2015, he started covering the White House and joined the Washington Post in 2019.

Nonetheless, the 37-year-old journalist mainly covers press briefings and news about the White House as of now. Most importantly, he is one of the distinct voices in the field of journalism.

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