Harris Faulkner Illness, Health Update, Weight Loss

The Fox News Channel TV host and newscaster Harris Faulkner is the new host of the new weekday TV series The Faulkner Focus that aired on January 2021. Faulkner is with Fox News Channel for almost 16 years now and has hosted numerous shows with the network throughout her career. With her active appearances in different shows, some viewers noticed that the newscaster trimmed some pounds, and others are wondering if she’s doing fine.

Illness: Is Harris Faulkner Sick?

Harris Faulkner is fit and healthy. When her mother lost the battle with breast cancer, Faulkner started supporting advocacies to end cancer and started having a healthy lifestyle. Aside from covering significant political events, the Fox TV host is also active in giving awareness about breast cancer to gain more support and comfort those in a battle with the disease. Faulkner also joined activities and fundraising for breast cancer awareness, like the Avon Walk to End Breast cancer in October 2015.

Also, back in 2017, when Harris was on a vacation with her family in Paris, she slipped and broke her ankle near Eifell tower. She had to take bed rest for few weeks to be able to get back to the office. She talks about her injury in this video.

These must all be the reasons why fans are searching about Harris Faulkner’s illness and asking if she is sick.

Health Update

With her regular appearance in different Fox News shows, viewers noticed that the TV host lost some weight. Her well-toned arms and waist curves are more noticeable, giving her a slim, well-toned body. Some might assume that the journalist is sick because of the sudden weight loss, but Harris Faulkner is perfectly healthy and actively providing the nation the updates we need in her daily newscast.

Image of the famous host of Fox News Channel, Harris Faulkner
A six-time Emmy award winner and successful journalist, Harris Faulkner.

Weight Loss

But with her busy schedule as a newscaster and host, people wonder how Faulkner shred some pounds and stays safe. Using natural-based products and going to the spa regularly, Faulkner maintained her glowing skin, allowing her to look more stunning and presentable during her shows.

On her Instagram account, the newscaster also shared her hobby of horse riding, which helped a lot in shedding pounds. It serves as her aerobics and ab workout, giving her a quick and easy weight loss process.

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