Hillary Vaughn [Peter Doocy Wife] Measurement, Net Worth, Wiki

The Doocy family has been running the news hosting and reporting job for a long time. From Steve Doocy to his son Peter Doocy, the tradition of covering news runs in the family. But it doesn’t stop there. There is a new addition to the Doocy family named Hillary Vaughn. She came as the wife of Fox’s Whitehouse news correspondent, Peter Doocy.

Who is Hillary Vaughn?

Hillary Vaughn recently came to the limelight after marrying Peter Doocy. Vaughn is a correspondent for Fox Business Network. Before this, Hillary worked at several news stations in different country states such as Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Texas. Previously, Vaughn has tried her hands at Yahoo, Fox News, FOX 32, Fox 13, Fox 5, and Fox 2.

Despite having to change states now and then, Hillary never complained about her job. This indicates the passion Peter Doocy wife Vaughn’s has for this profession.

Hillary Vaughn is Peter Doocy’s Wife

Hillary and Peter were in the headlines at the beginning of 2021 when they announced their wedding. It was on 21st April when Hillary Vaughn tied the knot with Peter Doocy.

The newlyweds walked down the aisle at South Carolina’s luxurious hotel called The Montage. According to the groom’s father, only 18 people attended the event, including Peter and Hillary’s family members.

Moreover, Hillary’s father-in-law was the best man for Peter and also wrote a poem for the two.

Image of a correspondent for Fox Business Network, Hillary Vaughn and husband
A correspondent for Fox Business Network, Hillary Vaughn, and husband, Peter Doocy.

Initially, Vaughn was supposed to wed Peter in January, the new month of the new year. But due to the spread of coronavirus, that did not happen.

It is unclear when Hillary met Peter. However, since their profession is much alike, they must have met at a news set. One of Peter’s Instagram posts from 2017 shows a picture of him, his mother, and Hillary with a Villanova player. This shows that Hillary and Peter have been together for at least four years.

Besides this, it seems that Hillary has mixed with the Doocy family pretty well. So far, Hillary and Peter do not have a child of their own. Both are caught up in their profession as they are still young.

Hillary Vaughn’s Net Worth

As many may know, Hillary is private about her personal life. Hence, there is no information about her actual net worth. Regardless, various sources claim that she might have a wealth of $1 million as of 2023.

We know that Hillary is a news correspondent at a business news channel called Fox Business. According to Glassdoor, a typical Fox journalist earns a base salary of $75,503 a year. Besides this, Hillary shares her husband’s wealth of $1 million.

Hillary Vaughn Measurement: Height and Weight

Hillary Vaughn is a tall woman who stands at 5 feet and 7 inches, 9 inches smaller than her husband. Likewise, Vaughn weighs approximately 55 kgs.

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