Sara Haines Net Worth & Salary. Twin Sister and Family.

The concept of women taking big roles in our society isn’t entirely new. Be it in politics, in businesses, in engineering, journalism, or wherever – name it. Women have taken over. Sara Hillary Haines, more commonly known to the public as Sara Haines, is one of the many women in the industry that was able to make a name for themselves.

The news industry had been a male-dominated avenue, but not for so long.

Women TV personalities have started marking and claiming their rightful territories in the industry.

Sara Haines’ Net Worth and Salary.

Now being a famed television host and news correspondent, it is quite obvious that she makes a good living for herself. According to sources, Sara Haines’ salary is $800,000 per year before taxes. But her total net worth is at $6 million now.

If you are wondering what are Sara Haines’ income sources, it’s mostly the salary she receives from the tv programs she works on. Haines is an American television personality and journalist known for hosting a variety of television news shows such as The View, Strahan, Sara and Keke, and The Chase.

Haines is also a news correspondent at America’s fines news networks like Today, ABC News, and Good Morning America. Indeed, she has become a familiar face for most Americans who like to catch their daily news.

But just like any of us, the 43 years old TV host also worked her way up to the news business. Sara Haines started her news career with a job on the NBC Page Program.

In just less than a year, she landed a job at NBC as the Production Coordinator, and her NBC journey, safe to say, started from there. Shortly after, Sara also became a contributing correspondent there.

Looking at her journey in the news business, Sara really did work her way up to the top using her learned skills and experience as stepping stones for even bigger opportunities. Indeed, success becomes more rewarding when you truly work for it, right?

Haines has done a good job in reporting relevant news topics as she has officially been recognized for her contribution to several news programs. She has been nominated in the 2017, 2018, and 2020 Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host category. Now that’s quite something, isn’t it?

From a low-paying job up to having $6 million net worth now. You go, girl!

Sara Haines’ Siblings and Parents.

Celebrated journalist Sara Haines grew up in Newton, Iowa. Not much information is available to the public about her family but what we do know is that she is the second daughter of four children from parents Dick and Sandy Haines. She has a brother and two older sisters, and that’s about it for the public information we have on the TV host’s family.

Image of Good Morning America former anchor and NBC News correspondent, Sara Haines with her parents
An American television personality and journalist, Sara Haines with her parents

Sara Haines Twin Sister.

Sara Haines does not have a twin sister of her own. Once Sara joked about being a twin sister of another famous news anchor Ginger Lee. The fact that they were wearing the same outfit in a program led to cracking such a joke. You can see the video here.

And ever since her fans have been trying to find if Sara Haines Twins sister exists. Well, you all know the truth now.

Talking about twins, Sara once mentioned in her tweet that she wanted a twin. She said,

Tweedle dee and tweedle cuter❤️❤️. I always wanted a twin, so now I am making them twins

Sara Haines Twins

Weight Loss.

During the Us Weekly Most Stylish New Yorkers party, Sara Haines shared her secret on how she shredded her pregnancy weight.

During her pregnancy, Sara had been watching what she eats. Contrary to people’s tales that pregnant women eat for two, Sara had been very strict in her diet so as not to gain pregnancy weight as much as possible.

After giving birth to their third child, she made sure to include “taking steps” as part of her everyday routine. Even when she’s on set for her shows, co-workers would often ask her why she kept on pacing back and forth.

To which she replied, “I’m taking steps”. Clearly, it worked just well for her as we can now see again her hour-glass body figure just a few months after giving birth.


The mom-of-three Sara Haines has been able to maintain her curvy figure. Sara, 5 feet and 6 inches tall, weighs 63 kilograms and has a body measurement of 37-27-37 inches. After giving birth to their three adorable children (Alec Richard, Sandra Grace, and Caleb Joshep), that’s pretty impressive how quickly she got back in shape.

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