Keely Shaye Smith Weight Loss/Current Weight

Keely Shaye Smith is an author, actress, television personality, and journalist. But she is also famously known as the wife of famous actor Pierce Brosnan. Their love story has been featured countless times in newspapers and tabloids all over the world.

Who is Keely Shaye Smith?

Keely Shaye Smith or Mrs. Brosnan first made her television appearance in 1986 when she was featured in the hit music video of Stuck With You by Huey Lewis. Smith was also part of the popular series General Hospital.

Keely Shaye is also an acclaimed journalist, and she worked as a correspondent for The Home Show on ABC. Her reports were mainly about environmental issues. The ecological work she has started all these years has earned her several awards, such as the 1991 Environmental Film Award and the Genesis Award. Keely Shaye has also received recognition from the Natural Resources Defense Council, Earth Communications Office, Oceana, Heal the Bay, and many others.

In addition, Keely Shaye was also a reporter for Unsolved Mysteries (1995-97), the popular show on NBC. She has appeared in several shows such as Good Morning America, Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, Great Bears, and World Entertainment Report through the years.

The wife of Pierce Brosnan also produced the television Home Green Home. She was also the host of the show at the same time. It featured tips and how to create an environmentally friendly garden and home. As an author, Keely Shaye has published six informative articles in the magazine Los Angeles Confidential.

Keely Shaye Husband

Keely Shaye and Pierce Brosnan met in Mexico while on vacation. The couple met on a beautiful white sand beach. On August 4, 2001, the couple got married at Ballintubber Abbey. The romantic location in County Mayo, Ireland, was the perfect setting for the couple’s exchange of vows.

Image of actress, television personality, and journalist, Keely Shaye Smith and her husband
Renowned journalist and actress, Keely Shaye Smith with her husband, Pierce Brosnan.

Pierce and Keely Shaye are still happily married up to this day. They will be celebrating the 22nd anniversary of their wedding this year. The loving couple has two grown-up sons named Paris Beckett and Dylan Thomas.

Weight Loss

Keely Shaye dabbled in modeling before she married Pierce Brosnan. Their old photos clearly show a very slim Keely Shaye. However, she started gaining weight after the birth of her first son. A few years later, she got pregnant again. Keely never really got her old figure back, and there she was, pregnant again.

This made it all the more difficult for the mom of two. But the good this is that her weight never really bothered her. She was in no way pressured to lose weight. There was also no pressure from her adoring husband. Pierce has always been very vocal during interviews that he does not care about his wife’s weight.

Many have admired Keely Shaye for embracing her weight. However, in 2018 fans were amazed at the slimmer Keely Shaye, who walked the red carpet with Pierce Brosnan.

The beautiful wife of the actor lost 49 lbs at that time. She revealed that she decided to lose weight for health reasons. Keely Shaye wanted to be healthier for her husband and sons. So, she went on a low cholesterol and carbs diet but high in good fat and protein. In addition, Keely also reveals that she eats primarily organic food.

As for exercise, she does some light exercise every morning. And if she has the time, she goes for a short run in the evening. What is essential is to remain active, and she does not miss her workout every day.

Current Weight

Image of actress, television personality, and journalist, Keely Shaye Smith
An actress, television personality, and journalist, Keely Shaye Smith after weight loss.

Keely Shaye has lost a total of 100 pounds after sticking to a healthy lifestyle for the past couple of years. However, her current weight is unknown. But it is undeniable that she has lost a large amount of weight just by looking at her recent photos.

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