Jake Tapper Salary, Net Worth, Gay, Education, Jewish

If there is any journalist who is famous for being an all-rounder, it’s Jake Tapper. The former ABC News reporter is an accomplished journalist who covers news, hosts shows, and interviews high-profile individuals.

Likewise, Tapper was the host of the Republican primary debate, which gained over 20 million views. Read this to know Jake Tapper’s salary & net worth.

Jake Tapper, the host of CNN, stole the show during the 2020 election when Biden was announced as the president. Since millions of Americans tuned into CNN, they also fell in love with this 54-year-old reporter. Know if Jake is Jewish. Also, insight on his gay rumors and education.


Jake Tapper gained elementary education from Philadelphia School. His relation with journalism began in eighth grade when Tapper did a comic strip for Philadelphia’s local newspaper.

Nonetheless, Tapper is a Jew, and he attended Akiba Hebrew Academy, located in Merion, Pennsylvania. Tapper, the now successful journalist, used to be a prankster in his high school days.

Upon graduating from the academy, Tapper enrolled in Dartmouth College to study History and visual studies. Tapper, magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, completed his studies with flying colors in 1991. At the same college, Tapper joined the Alpha Chi Alpha group too.

Tapper has also attended Cinematic Arts at the University of South California.


Image of the renowned host of CNN, Jake Tapper
The renowned host of CNN, Jake Tapper.

A typical CNN reporter has an average salary of $67,740. But Tapper is at levels above everyone else as his reported wage is around $4 million.

Along with his career as a journalist, Jake Tapper is also an author. From Tapper’s books, he can garner thousands of dollars.

Net Worth

After nearly 20 years of dedication to journalism, Jake Tapper has been able to climb the ladder to success. As of 2023, Jake Tapper’s net worth is worth $8 million.

House, Cars, and Lifestyle

A millionaire like Jake Tapper has an elegant way of living. Tapper currently resides in Washington D.C. alongside his wife and children in their newly purchased residence.

Previously, Tapper sold his house, which he bought in 2007 for $1.25 million. Tapper’s 3,000-square-feet house can be found near the Forest Hills. It had five well-furnished bedrooms and three modern bathrooms. Likewise, its interior design was one to be impressed with. The house had a beautiful fireplace set, built-in bookshelves, a wet patch of grass, a swimming pool, and a long yard.

Tapper sold this place for $1.4 million in 2017. Likewise, Tapper seems to be interested in heavy cars; mainly, Bronco Sport.

Though Tapper has become a wealthy individual, his feet are still on the ground.


Aside from being a professional journalist, Jake Tapper has gained fame as an author. His popular writing is The Outpost which was published on November 13, 2012. Tapper’s book has sold over 2k copies for $11.99.

Likewise, some of Tapper’s finest publications, such as The Devil May Dance ($14.99), The Hellfire Club ($11.99), Down & Dirty ($2.99), have sold over thousands of copies on Amazon.

Is Jake Tapper Gay?

Jake Tapper is married to the love of his life, Jennifer Brown. Tapper and Brown tied the knot in 2006 and Tapper has been with Jennifer for 17 years. Hence, this clears any rumors that think the CNN journalist to be gay.

Image of the host of CNN, Jake Tapper and wife
CNN reporter, Jake Tapper with his wife, Jennifer Brown.

However, Tapper is a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community.

Is Jake Tapper Jewish?

Jake Tapper’s parents are Jewish who resided in New York City. Tapper’s mother was a Presbyterian who converted to Judaism after marriage. Hence, Jake Tapper is Jewish as well.


Ever since breaking into the CNN network, Tapper has gained an enormous number of fans. So much that most of them have made countless memes on this famous personality. Whenever people tune in to CNN, they instantly see Tapper. As a result, his face has been so familiar to everyone that people are quick in putting up a meme with his face on it whenever some news comes up.

Fans usually make fun of his “respectful” look, which he makes when interviewing guests. The best part about this is that the 52-year-old enjoys seeing himself in hilarious posts. One can find countless such memes on Twitter. Moreover, comedians like Beck Bennett have also tried to imitate Tapper’s broadcasting style.

Height and Measurement

CNN’s Jake Tapper is a tall man whose height stands at 1.85 m (5 feet 11 inches). Likewise, Tapper weighs 173 lbs. (78 Kg).

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