Greg Gutfeld Wife Elena Moussa Wikipedia: Height, Net Worth, Love Life.

Viewers have idolized many political commentators for their brilliant insights about social issues, and one of them is Greg Gutfeld. He rose to fame after being the host of a comedy talk show named Gutfeld! Gutfield has been married to his wife, Elena Moussa, since 2004. This is Elena Moussa’s Wikipedia biography, including height and net worth.

The professional political commentator was born in San Mateo, California, the United States, on September 12, 1964, and is now 58. He also took the opportunity to be a co-host of a political show called The Five.

Many people admired him from 2007 to 2015 when he became a host of Red Eye, a show aired by Fox News Channel. Gutfeld made many significant contributions to the entertainment industry by being a commentator and television host.

If you are one of those people who want to know more about the famous Greg Gutfeld, then keep reading this article. We have the answers and information you need regarding his wife, height, net worth, love life, and Wikipedia-like biography.

Greg Gutfeld is Married to his wife, Elena Moussa, since 2004 

Greg appeared in many television programs many times. People wonder if he has someone special who supports his career path.

Since he looks like a younger man than his age, 58, some women wanted to date him. Social media users are intrigued about his relationship status.

The famous television host is off the market for women who want to date Greg. He is happily married to his gorgeous wife, Elena Moussa.

People adored the couple’s relationship for staying strong and portraying a healthy relationship. They have been together for many years and overcame problems that came their way.

Social media users want to know how they started as a couple since relationships do not start instantly. The lovely pair told the public that they met while working for Maxim.

Greg and Elena were assigned to different locations, but love found its way to unite them. Trust, love, and care made their relationship work.

When they met, Elena worked for Maxim Russia, and Greg hit on her then. Gutfeld even told the public that Moussa was cold when he talked to her.

However, the situation changed when Greg invited Elena to have a date with him. Moussa agreed to a date, and she moved to London with him after a few dates.

The couple tested if they were compatible with each other’s personalities. After five months of knowing each other, they decided to exchange vows and rings in New York.

Greg and Elena have an incredible wedding ceremony attended by close friends, family members, and relatives. As of today, the couple shows no signs of separation or divorce.

Does Greg Gutfeld have Children?

 Social media platforms have been the home of rumours about famous television personalities. Since Greg appears in front of the camera many times, being famous has its consequences.

Many people have questioned the famous show host’s love life. Many fans wonder if Greg and Elena have children who will complete their family.

According to sources, the couple does not have children, and people started to get curious about it. The pair have been married for 19 years, but they still do not have children to take care of.

Rumours spread that one of them is infertile, affecting their relationship. However, the couple appears to be healthy, and there are no signs of divorce.

Some fans think that the husband and wife are still not ready to take on the challenge of being parents. Moreover, their avid fans tell other people to mind their business and focus on improving their lives.

How old is Greg Gutfeld’s wife, Elena Moussa?

Image of Greg Gutfeld with his wife, Elena Moussa
Greg Gutfeld with his wife, Elena Moussa

Many people call Elena Moussa a stunning woman, and they wonder about her age. Since Greg is her husband, she gets to share the limelight and expose herself to media platforms.

The former professional model was born in Russia on May 14, 1982, and is now 41. People were shocked when they learned about her age since she did not look like a woman in her 40s.

Indeed, Elena has taken care of her gorgeous face and body well. Some men wanted to date her, but she is not available anymore as she is happily married to Greg Gutfeld.

How tall is Greg Gutfeld’s wife, Elena Moussa?

Being a famous television host could gain you fans who are fitness enthusiasts. Some people ask about the height of Greg Gutfeld and his wife since they always appear in public places.

According to sources, the famous show host has a height of 5 feet and 8 inches or 1.72 meters. On the other hand, his wife, Elena Moussa, has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches or 1.70 meters. 

Elena Moussa Wikipedia

Moussa is not an easy woman as she has an impressive academic background. Elena went to the Parsons School of Design, a prestigious art and design school in the United States.

She also entered the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Aside from her educational background, Elena did not reveal much information about her life.

Net Worth

Greg Gutfeld has hosted television programs for a long time, and people wonder how much he earns. Some say he is wealthy and lives a luxurious life with his wife.

According to sources, Greg is a wealthy man with a net worth of $84 million. His net worth keeps increasing depending on the projects he receives.

Sources also said that he receives a salary from Fox News amounting to $17 million. People were shocked when they knew his salary since they had no idea that a host could earn that big.

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