Carol Marin Age, Husband Jonathan Utley, and Kids.

Carol Marin is a reputed journalist. She was born on October 10, 1948, in Chicago. Carol has beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair, and her zodiac sign is Libra.

In this article, we talk about the details of Carol Marin, including her age, her husband Jonathan Utley, and her kids.

Who is Carol Marin?

Carol Marin is an American Citizen and a reputed journalist. She flaunts multiples awards and achievement titles for her excellent career as a journalist. To be specific, she holds two Emmy, DuPont, and Peabody awards. Furthermore, the association presented her with a Gracie and George Polk award. Let’s talk about how she started her career.

Carol Marin look ravishing
Renowned American Journalist, Carol Marin.

Carol Marin Net Worth.

According to the married biography, Carol has a net worth of $5 million.

Carol always wanted to be on TV. Initially, she wanted to be an actor, but journalism came easy to her. Carol went to Palatine high school and attended the University of Illinois. Later, she graduated from the same University. In 1972, she started her first Television work with WBIR TV.

There, Carol played an actor and a reporter. Furthermore, she was also the news director for some time and stayed in Knoxville, Texas, for four years. She loved her job, but a better opportunity knocked at her door.

In 1976, four years after her first job, she moved to Nashville. There she worked for WSM TV. 2 years later, she joined a franchise of NBC.

That’s when her life changed. She worked at the WMAQ-TV owned by NBC. The journalist spent 20 years of her professional life working at the same TV station.

That is also where she got most of her achievements. But in 1997, something happened with her job. We don’t know the details, but Carol and her co-anchor resigned from the position. This made the news and started quite a controversy.

As a result, the viewership of the show was also heavily affected. Carol did not work anywhere else for a year.

In 1998, CBS news hired Carol as a reporter. Furthermore, she served for the WBBM-TV as an investigative reporter. After six years, she settled her feud with NBC. She then worked for WMAQ TV once again. Carol was a political editor for the WMAQ-TV as of 2004.

How old is Carol Marin?

Carol was born in 1948. This makes her 74 years old in 2023.

Husband Jonathan Utley.

Carol Marin married Jonathan Utley in 1972. Since then, the couple has stayed together without any explicit affairs. Jonathan used to be a History professor in his time.

Carol and her husband have a son. His name is Joshua Anthony Utley-Marin. However, the boy is their only son. Carol is a strict professional and has not revealed any other personal details to the news media.

Carol Marin with her husband, Jonathan Utley in admirable look,
American reputed Journalist, Carol Marin and her husband Jonathan Utley.

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