Johnny Joey Jones Wikipedia: Net Worth, Biography

A former marine technical bomber, that is how Johnny Joey Jones was initially known. He served as a technician in the U.S Marines and had an early retirement because of an incident that caused him to lose his two legs.

This is Jonny Joey Jones’s Wikipedia biography, including his net worth. Details about his wife Meg and kids.

He was born on the 21st of July, 1986. The 37-year-old Marine turned TV personality resides in Newnan, Georgia, United States.

Aside from his former work as a marine technical bomber, he is recognized as a Fox News contributor and takes part in several podcasts and telecasts on Fox Nations.

For almost eight years, Jones served in the United States Marine Corps and was considered a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. Now that he works in a different field, Johnny is a motivational speaker and advisor. With his platform, he shares his experiences and life lessons as a marine with the public.

Johnny Joey Jones Wikipedia

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Johnny Joey Jones is a news host, entertainer, TV personality, and a former marine

The retired Marine was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, but raised in Dalton, Georgia, and could keep a private life. Any information about her family background, such as his parents’ names and details about having a sibling, is not disclosed to the public.

Johnny’s motivation to pursue being a marine is due to his past experiences. During his freshman year in high school, he went through the  9/11 attack by the al-Qaeda, an Islamic extremist network, in opposition to the United States. After the traumatic incident, Jones dedicated his life to a lifelong commitment to patriotism and service as a marine.

He grew up in Georgia, went to Southeast Whitfield High School, and graduated from Dalton STtae College after his military service, he finished his academe at Georgetown University with a degree in bachelor of arts. Jones’ family had no high school graduate besides him, so getting a diploma was his goal.

Although college seems unachievable for him, with the type of commitment he put himself into, he still finds a way to achieve it. Despite his family’s history not including a profound amount of military service, his deep patriotism prevailed.

Military Career

After serving as a marine technical bomber, Johnny joined the Marine Corps and was known as Triple J. Johnny served with the marine corp for eight long years.

He served as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, and Jones survived his combat deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan on different tours.

Johnny also served as the Chief Operating Officer for the nonprofit Boot Campaign of the nation. Wherein he educates the veterans and their families about the issue concerning them.

Nowadays, this boot campaign provides the veteran community with treatment resources to aid their health. When he was injured, he established the program for peer visitors at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center located in Washington, D.C.

Jones was also behind a fellowship formed on Capitol Hill together with the Veterans Affairs’ House Committee. All his dedication to the betterment of the veteran community resulted in directing policy changes in the Veterans Administration and Department of Defense.

Johnny Joey Jones on Fox News

Last 2019 Johnny Joey Jones officially worked as a committed contributor for FOX News Media. As he has the background and experience, Joey provides military analysis across all platforms affiliated with the new channel FOX News Media, including its News Channel and Business Network.

Joey was also the appointed host for FOX Nation Outdoors and Proud American podcast. Former staff sergeant Jones experienced a life-changing injury while working as a bomb technician in Afghanistan.

His 8-year active service in the marine corps ended after surviving two combat deployments. In 2010 he had an IED-related incident that caused the loss of his legs’ lower halves and severely damaged his right forearm and wrists.

After recovering, Jones has found a new way to continue his lifelong commitment by contributing to Fox News and working with Veteran’s Service organizations to help improve the lives of all veterans and their respective families.

Net Worth & Salary

The American Veteran from Marine Corps and now a contributor for the FOX News Channel and a guest host. Jones has gained a good amount of money from his profession and luxurious items such as houses and cars. Johny Joet Jones’ net worth is $6 million, and details about his salary are unknown.

Is Johnny Joey Jones still Married to his wife, Meg?

Formerly Jones had a previous wife and a child, but details about them are unknown. Based on the social media reports, it can be concluded that Jones was married to Meg Garrison, who is also the program director for the Boot Campaign in Texas.

They met in 2003 during high school in Dalton and got married on September 30, 2012. The couple had 3 children of their own.

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