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Brianna Keilar is an Australian-born reporter who did her education in mass communications from the University of California, Berkeley. While Keilar had a decent run working at CBS News, she rose to prominence since joining the CNN network in 2008. Read this to meet Brianna Keilar’s husband Fernando Lujan. Her Net worth and salary details.

Even after working for CNN, Keilar showed her talent in journalism that made her a fan-favorite. Currently, Keilar joins John Berman to host CNN’s New Day. Most recently, Keilar also anchored an afternoon show called CNN Right Now.

Previously, Keilar worked as CNN’s White House correspondent for a brief amount of time, where she covered administrations of former presidents, including Obama and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign of 2016.

Besides covering shocking news for the network, this Australian-born journalist is also famous for calling out hypocrisy caused by the Trump administration and its supporters.

Regardless, Keilar is a successful journalist whose two decades of experience made her worth millions.

Brianna Keilar and Fernando Lujan’s Love Life

Brianna met the American soldier in 2012 but became close to him after her divorce. Keilar and Lujan got to know each other when the CNN anchor covered the White House news, whereas Lujan oversaw the defense tank in Washington. Brianna had conversations with Lujan and tried to set him up to date with her friend. However, the army refused her suggestions.

Keilar, being the White House correspondent at the time, often crossed paths with Lujan, whether it was during White House Christmas parties and concerts. Though the two were hanging out with other people at the time, Keilar and Lujan came close in November 2015. However, Keilar still tried her luck in getting him to date one of her friends, but Lujan was determined to date Keilar.

Their first date took place in a restaurant known as Little Serow. Fortunately, it happened to be Keilar’s favorite eateries. Keilar reveals that although they ordered a multi-course Thai dish, they hardly looked at the food as they talked for hours.

Original Wedding Plans and Tragedy

It was only a matter of time before Keilar announced the news of her second marriage. It turns out that their wedding was supposed to take place much earlier had Keilar’s mother not suffer a life-taking disease.

Keilar and Lujan had made all the plans for the wedding in the summer of 2016. Lujan was waiting for the right time for both of their families to be together to witness their marriage. But before Keilar knew, Lujan had talks with her mother to surprise Keilar by proposing to her at Laguna Beach.

Meanwhile, Keilar’s mom was ecstatic about their wedding and had planned a surprise dinner party. But before any of that could happen, Keilar’s mother passed away.

Nonetheless, Fernando popped the question to his beloved under the roof of fireworks during the Independence Day of 2016. As for Keilar’s engagement ring, Lujan meticulously worked with an Indian jeweler to craft a sapphire solitaire embellished with pavĂ© diamonds.

Brianna Keller and Fernando Lujan’s Wedding

Six months after being proposed on an auspicious occasion, Fernando and Keilar decided to tie the knot in 2016. That year was a roller coaster ride for the CNN anchor. Not only had Keilar lost her mother due to leukemia in May, but she ended the year on a high note filled with joy when she married the love of her life, Lt. Fernando Lujan, on December 31, 2016.

Nonetheless, Keilar’s wedding took place at a glorious art gallery called Aria in Las Vegas. Kielar specifically chose Las Vegas due to its jubilant locations. Keilar’s wedding venue was a place filled with priceless arts and modern luxury.

Similarly, the bride and the groom were spots on with their uniforms. Keilar wore a decorated white dress, whereas Lujan was in his Army Forces uniform. The wedding cards were Vegas-themed invitation cards, and the party itself was stylized with champagne and candles.

Almost 85 guests attended the party, a three-day blowout in Vegas that started with the wedding and ended with a New Year’s Eve party at Hakkasan. Usually, Keilar’s mother helped her arrange the events, but Dennis Silknitter has been helping to fill her role ever since her demise.

Brianna Keilar in wedding dress with her husband, Fernando Lujan
Australian reporter, Brianna Keiler and her husabnd, Fernando Lujan.

Married Life

Keilar and Lujan have one heck of a busy schedule due to their work. However, when they are together at home, nothing is more important than each other’s presence.

The husband and wife do everything they can to have fun. Sometimes, Lujan takes Keilar on a ride in their rented Harley Davidson. Also, when they are not traveling, Keilar cooks dishes for her husband, or Lujan cooks his signature enchiladas.

Other than this, Lujan is always motivating his wife to work out with him. Hence, they tried the P90X workout series, jogging, walking the dog, etc.

Even when Keilar and Lujan are away, they take out time to do video calls and whatnot. All in all, Keilar loves her husband, and whenever she is around him, Keilar always feels energized.

On June 8, 2018, Keilar gave birth to a boy whom they named Antonio Martinez Lujan.

Age and DOB

Brianna Keilar’s date of birth is September 21, 1980. As of 2023, Keilar has reached the age of 42 years. Similarly, Keilar’s parents conceived her in Canberra, Australia.

Brianna Keilar smiling in red dress
Australian famous reporter, Brianna Keilar.

Brianna Keilar Husband, Fernando Lujan, is a Military Man.

Brianna Keilar found her best man in the name of Lt. Fernando Lujan. Not only did Lujan come to the limelight for marrying Keilar, but he also has a stellar profile of his own. Lujan has lived the ways of the army from a young age. After graduating from Churchill, Lujan did his engineering at a military campus of the United States at West Point in 1998.

Parting ways from a career in engineering, Lujan decided to work in the army instead. Initially, Lujan was a Special Forces Officer. His reach with the U.S. government began when he became a fellow foreign affairs member in the U.S. House of Representatives.

After completing a Masters in Public Policy, International Security, and Political Economy from Harvard, Lujan served as the Veterans Outreach Coordinator at The Mission Continues. Lujan continued to work as an operations leader for the Joint Task Force of Afghanistan.

For the next three years, Lujan worked for the National Security Council at The White House and as a senior advisor for the U.S. Department of State.

Currently, this army man is studying Ph.D. as an army war fellow at Johns Hopkins University.

Beautiful Brianna Keilar with her military husband
CNN news reporter, Brianna Keilar and her husband, Fernando Lujan.

Brianna Keilar’s First Husband, Dave French

Previously, Brianna Keilar locked hearts with a political commentator named Dave French. Brianna’s first wedding was nothing short of fabulous as her second marriage. Nonetheless, Brianna wedded French in a venue with an outstanding view of the red rock at Sedona, Arizona. Similarly, guests enjoyed the reception held on the Calle Independencia.

Brianna’s first wedding took place on May 2, 2009. However, this fragile marriage ended shortly in 2011. There is no data as to why Keilar and Dave French parted ways. Likewise, this marriage was not a glamourous one as Keilar was not an established figure in 2009.

Brianna Keilar in wedding dress with her ex-husband, Dave French
Reporter, Brianna Keilar and her ex-husband, Dave French.


The anchor of CNN news, Brianna Keilar, is reportedly earning a heft salary of $200k a year. Usually, an average CNN news reporter makes $70k annually. However, Keilar handles multiple tasks and anchoring, which is why she makes more dollars than the rest.

Not only that, but Keilar has covered some of the essential news, such as 2007 coverage of the Virginia Tech massacre, the 2008 case of the $700 billion bank bailout, and numerous congress news. As a result, from her profession as a CNN journalist alone, Keilar has made an enormous sum of wealth.

Net Worth

Brianna Keilar is an accomplished CNN correspondent who is worth millions in today’s date. Reports suggest that Keilar is a wealthy news correspondent who possesses a net worth of $8 million. Though born in Australia, Keilar made her presence felt in the United States.

As of now, Keilar resides with her equally successful husband in their lavish home in New York.

Height and Measurements

Brianna Keilar is a tall woman with a body length of 5 feet and 11 inches (1.781 meters). Similarly, Keilar’s bra size preference is 34D. Keilar’s entire body measures 36 inches of the chest, 26 inches of hips, and 37 inches of the waist.

Weight Gain, Current Weight

Keilar has a slightly larger weight of 64.5 Kg, which is approximately 142 lbs. Her recent weight gain could be the result of the birth of her son in 2018. Likewise, because her job takes a toll on her way of living, Keilar is bound to get chubby.

Though Keilar is used to multi-tasking, she is thoroughly beaten when she gets home. As a result, Keilar often complains about not having the energy to work out. However, this dedicated CNN reporter trains with her husband in their home gym, in her words, Green Beret Bootcamp. Lujan helps his wife regain her focus on health and fitness.

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