Is David Muir Gay? Married to Partner/ Wife?

David Jason Muir is a 49-year-old handsome journalist prominent for his stint at ABC network including World News Tonight and ABC News magazine.

Known for his dedication towards journalism and his comprehensive services in this sector, Muir has won several Edward R. Murrow and Emmy awards, making him one of the successful journalists of all time.

However, in recent memories, Muir has caught people’s attention regarding his sexuality.

Is David Muir Gay?

David Muir, one of the Sexiest Men Alive of 2014, has been speculation about being gay. He is prominent for his dedication to journalism for years, and it is evident by looking at his social media posts.

Amongst his photos, we never get to see David Muir’s partner. There is not a single picture of Muir with his wife. Moreover, many believe that this 47-year-old journalist does not have a family till now.

This led to many people thinking that Muir could be gay and is shy to reveal himself. Additionally, Muir never affirmed having a wife or girlfriend, so this bolstered the assumption of him being gay.

One time, the rumours of David Muir being gay was at their peak when he was seen with ABC reporter Gio Benitez in a photo. In 2015, this photo of David and Gio Benitez going to a gay bar went viral on the internet. However, these rumours were baseless as there is no evidence to prove them to be a couple. However, Benitez was indeed gay. On April 16, 2016, the rumors subsided when Benitez married his gay boyfriend, Tommy DiDario.

On top of that, Muir is often hanging out with men on social media and significantly less with female friends. So, this could have also led the speculations to grow more.

Surely, Muir has heard the rumors of his sexuality, but he has never once denied or accepted them.

Sexiest David Muir in black suit
Sexiest Journalist, David Muir.

Is David Muir Married to Partner or Wife?

Since the rumours cannot deem David Muir as gay, fans are eager to know who his partner is. But, unfortunately, the truth is David is quiet when talking about his private life. Muir has stayed unmarried for most of his life and is most probably living alone in New York.

However, an author of a celebrity blog, Jezebel, claims to be David Muir’s girlfriend. This author is Kate Dries, who writes in the website’s post that her boyfriend is ABC anchor David Muir. She also said that on her first date with Muir, he called Peter Jennings the James Bond of news. Kate also claims to have taken a picture of Muir when he was on his trip to Rome.

Though Kate Dries claims to be Muir’s girlfriend numerous times in this article of 2015, David Muir has not confirmed this. Moreover, Muir has never tagged Kate in any of his social media posts.

Kate Dries,rumored girlfriend of David Muir
Kate Dries, rumored girlfriend of David Muir.

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