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Right off the bat, a travel journalist journeys to the heart of the story to get you unseen footage of the news as it happens. As a requirement, a good travel writer should be multi-lingual, friendly, and with the ability to adapt to new environments. Society sometimes terms them as frivolous in that they aren’t one of the highest-paid journalists. In the US alone, traveling allowance expenditure only accounts for over 1 billion, an insignificant figure compared to other mediums. The travel journalist salary ranges between $40,000 for junior reporters to $116,000 per year for the top journalists.

Top Travel Journalists with Highest Salaries

1. Jeremy Clarkson Net Worth and Salary

Jeremy Clarkson‘s charm and work made Top Gear one of the most viewed television show in the entire world. He is, therefore, a highly acclaimed television host, presenter, and travel journalist, specializing in motors. He currently travels the world in the series, The Grand Tour alongside his co-stars Richard Hammond and James May.

Image of Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson is probably one of the highest-paid travel journalists in the world. His current contract sees to it that at the end of each year, the salary of this travel journalist exceeds $20 million. However, the package is also inclusive of his television hosting roles. Jeremy Clarkson’s net worth currently reads $60 million as per online reports.

2. Richard Hammond Net Worth and Salary

Richard Hammond is best known as a television presenter, writer, and journalist on Top Gear and The Grand Tour. However, we are particularly interested in his achievements as a travel writer and founder of Green Traveller, the World’s best travel guide as per common opinions. He also serves as is editorial director.

Image of Richard Hammond
Richard Hammond

According to online reports, Richard Hammond’s net worth currently stands at $45 million. However, the salary of this travel journalist as a travel writer is unknown. Instead, we know his salary as $7 million as a culmination of his ventures.

3. Jon Krakauer Net Worth and Salary

Jon Krakauer is an American travel journalist, mountaineer, daredevil, and writer. Upon graduating from college, he traveled to the next stage by living in the wilderness for three weeks. He would later top it off with another excursion of climbing Mt. Everest, which was rewarding as it was strenuous. Drawing from the actual events that involved the death of his friends, Krauker authored several books that saw him as a prolific travel writer.

Image of Jon Krakuer
Jon Krakauer

Jon Krakauer’s net worth currently holds firm at $35 million. Much of it stems from his books, Eiger Dreams, Into the WildInto Thin Airand more. The latter was adapted as a movie that grossed in the Box Office. Initially, Krakauer worked as a fisherman and carpenter but gave it all up to become a journalist for Outside.

4. Bill Bryson Net Worth and Salary

Bill Bryson is an American-British travel writer and author of English literature, science, and more. He currently holds 11 Doctorate degrees in various fields and is highly acclaimed for his ability to capture the essence of his travels in his books. Though now retired, the journalist has well over 20 books published and selling across the globe.

Image of Bill Bryson
Bill Bryson

According to online records, Bill Bryson’s net worth currently holds at $10 million. Though he has withheld the information regarding his salary, we know of his other sources of income. Aside from journalism, Bryson earned a living as the Chancellor of Durham University before moving back to America.

5. Samantha Brown Net Worth and Salary

Samantha Brown makes waves as an American TV host on Travel Channel. The 51-year old began her career by working in commercials and comedy sketch groups for 12 years before landing a job as a travel host in 2000. She held the position for almost two decades before transitioning to PBS in 2018, where she hosts Samantha Brown’s Places to Love.

Image of Samantha Brown
Samantha Brown

Samantha Brown’s net worth at approximately $1.5 million stems from her hosting gigs. She’s most notable for introducing viewers in Girl Meets Hawaii, Great Hotels, Passport to Europe, Latin America, and Great Weekends. Brown also has a line of luxury travel bags that contribute to her net worth. However, the salary of this travel journalist is still a mystery.

6. Lindsay Tigar Net worth and Salary

Lindsay Tigar is one of the most influential travel journalists of current times. Despite being a freelancer, her work has been featured on CNN, Vogue, National Geographic, Leisure, Travel+, and USA Today. Her expert-driven stories feature wellness and hospitality target entrepreneurs and the younger generation. As such, the travel journalist commands a massive following on social media.

Image of Lindsay Tigar
Lindsay Tigar

With her career currently molding, Lindsay Tigar’s net worth and salary are still under review. She owns a content agency known as Tigar Types that offers consultancy services to organizations. Some of her top billing clients include C-Level executives, travel agents, dating sites, and those in need of content strategies. Tigar also serves as an editor and ghostwriter with several publications under her nose.

7. Geoffrey Morrison Net Worth and Salary

Geoffrey Morrison is a famous travel writer and tech writer for several major media outlets such as Forbes and CNET. Although he is currently based in Los Angeles, Morrison identifies as a digital nomad, always moving to cover the following story. As a result, he has authored a couple of best-selling novels, such as Undersea and Undersea Atrophia.

Image of Geoffrey Morrison
Geoffrey Morrison

As of now, Geoffrey Morrison’s net worth remains under review, with his salary unknown. Keeping up with his finances can be a little bit tricky, especially since he is always on the move to catch the following story. However, he has valid contracts with New York Times, Sound+Vision, and also edits for Wirecutter. You can check out his latest pieces at

8. Lavanya Sunkara Net Worth and Salary

If you’re looking to explore the world, either on vacation or for research purposes, then Lavanya Sunkara is the travel journalist to follow. Her work encompasses everything eco-travel, wildlife conservation, and adventures across small ship cruising and road trips. There aren’t many journalists with one-on-one encounters with sea lions, whales, and Wallabies in Australia. She is also very good with pets and has known a thing or two about pet adoption

Image of Lavanya Sunkara
Lavanya Sunkara

Lavanya Sunkara’s net worth and salary may not have made it to the public archives, but her contribution as a journalist has. Her travel adventures have made it onto columns on The New York Times, Forbes, USA Today, and Huffington Post. She has also co-authored an ebook with Jeff Corwin on shark and marine life conservation.

9. Rachel Cavanaugh Net worth and Salary

Rachel Cavanaugh is also another travel journalist with over 14 years’ worth of experience in wildlife, travel, technology, and science. She also has covered several stories on outdoor adventures and explains complex issues touching on History through her literature pieces. If you think that keeps her busy, the Portland-based writer also servers as a Fitness and E-commerce writer for Bustle Magazine.

Image of Rachel Cavanaugh
Rachel Cavanaugh

Despite being firmly rooted in the industry, Rachel Kavanaugh’s net worth and salary haven’t appeared on any reputable platform. However, we do know she currently serves as a photographer, news reporter, editor, and digital producer on outstanding media platforms. These include The Hollywood Reporter, Yahoo Tech, MSN Canada, and much more.

10. Abbie Kozolchyk Net Worth and Salary

Abbie Kozolchyk is a travel journalist and research writer on everything lifestyle-related. She is also an award-winning public speaker and magazine editor on several accounts. Some of her work has featured on Forbes Traveler, Cosmopolitan, and much more. Abbie’s research has seen several tourists navigate through the Caribbean Islands to Kyoto as much more.

Image of Abbie Kozolchyk
Abbie Kozolchyk

Abbie Kozolchyk’s net worth and salary are both still unknown to the public. However, she’s made it easier to figure out her finances through one of her publications. In 2017, she secured a book deal with National Geographic and published the first, The World’s Most Romantic Destinations. In it, you’ll find 50 different romantic getaways, retreats, and unique magical places she has visited.

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