Becky Worley Husband, Wife, Age, Net Worth, Wiki and Bio Facts

Becky Worley is a newscaster and journalist on American television. She contributes tech content on ABC’s Good Morning America. In addition, Worley also has an online show on the website Yahoo! Tech.

Who is Becky Worley? Early Life and Bio

The birthdate of Beck Worley is February 4, 1971. She was born in the US but her exact birthplace is not known. Her family transferred to Maui in 1977, and she spent a few years on the island. Worley attended Middlebury College to study the Japanese language. She also played in the school’s rugby team.

Later on, she studied for her master’s degree at Middlebury and finished with a magna cum laude honors. Worley also completed her master’s degree in Technology, Learning, and Design from the Stanford Graduate School of Education.

Is Becky Worley Married to Husband, or is She Lesbian?

Beck Worley does not have a husband but she has a wife. She has come out as gay several years ago. Worley has been very open about her being a lesbian. In addition, the television journalist also actively supports the LGBTQ community.

Becky Worley is Married to a Wife Jane Mitchell

Becky Worley is married to her wife Jane Mitchell for over two decades. Mitchell is a television journalist and social media personality. Additionally, she is also an author of books on social justice, animal rights, and the vegan lifestyle.

Jane Mitchell came out as gay in 2007 on the Los Angeles radio show KABC-AM. She is a social activist whose major advocacy is the environment, the vegan lifestyle, and animal rights.

Mitchell is of Irish and Puerto Rican descent. She was born in 1955, which makes her 66 years old as of 2021. KCAL-TV hired the television journalist in the early part of 1990 to be the host of their 3-hours news program. Jerry Dunphy was her co-anchor on the show. Mitchell also made guest appearances on KCBS-TV, the sister station of KCAL-TV. At that time, she also hosted a radio show on KABC-AM in Los Angeles.

At present, Jane Mitchell is the founder and owner of JaneUnChained, a digital-format news channel that promotes the vegan lifestyle and advocates animal rights. The web channel has more than 60 volunteers worldwide who contribute video content on animal rights organizations, vegan restaurants, vegan recipes, and festivals. JaneUnChained collaborated with Eamonn McCrystal to create the New Day New Chef, a vegan cooking show that airs on Amazon Prime Video.

Beck Worley looking happy with her partner, Jane
A newscaster and journalist on American television, Beck Worley and her wife, Jane Mitchell.


Becky Worley and her wife Jane Mitchell have twin children. The names of their kids are Emalia and Finn Worley. Finn is smaller than his twin sister. There is no information whether the twins were conceived naturally by Becky or conceived through a surrogate.

The twins are now in their early teens, and they love the beach. This may be an influence that they got from Becky, who grew up on the island of Maui. The Mitchell twins love to swim, paddleboard, and laze around on the beach.

Beck Worley with her family
A newscaster and journalist on American television, Beck Worley and her family.

Becky Worley Net Worth and Salary

The net worth of Becky Worley for 2021 is $500,000.  The approximated salary of a news correspondent of Becky’s caliber is at around $100,000 per year.

How Old is Becky Worley? Birthday and Parents

The birthdate of Becky Worley is February 4, 1971, and that makes her 52 years old as of 2023. The identities of the journalist’s parents were not revealed. However, she posts photos of her parents on her social media accounts. Her photographs have revealed that her parents are still based in Maui, where Becky grew up.

Social Media Activities

Becky Worley is very active on her social media accounts. She posts video content on her Facebook and Twitter. On the other hand, Worley posts more personal photos on her Instagram. There, one can find pictures of her wife, kids, and her parents. Vacation photos are also aplenty on her Instagram account.

Wiki and Career

Becky Worley is a reporter and producer of tech-related content since 1998. At present, she is the technology expert and correspondent on Good Morning America. The techie also contributes content to Yahoo! Tech.

The first television exposure of Worley was in 1998 on the news program of KOMO-TV in Seattle. Her next job was on ZDTV, which was the first network solely dedicated to technology news. Worley has appeared on Nightline, 20/20, World News With Diane Sawyer, Dr. Oz, National Geographic, and the Travel Channel through the years.

With the dawn of technology, Worley has made it her mission to bring it closer to people from all walks of life. She believes that it should not only be the young ones who should be adept at the new technology coming out. Through her reviews and consumer reports, she can bring technology down to an understandable level for both the young and the old. She has been dubbed as the techie version of Martha Stewart.

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