Suzy Kolber Husband Eric Brady. Net Worth & Salary.

Suzanne Lisa Kolber, better known as ‘Suzy’, is a sports anchor, producer, and journalist. Her name is synonymous with sports shows such as ESPN2 and even Monday Night Football. Remarkably, she was one of the OG members of ESPN2, back when the program premiered in the early 90s.

Since signing on to work with ESPN, Suzy has been a regular sportscaster on Sports Centre. Moreover, she even covered a NASCAR Countdown program back in 2007. Learn more about Suzy Kolber’s husband, Eric, and read about her net worth and salary.

Suzy Kolber is Married to her Husband Eric Brady Since 2008.

Eric Brady and Suzy Kolber first met back in 2005. While there isn’t a great deal of information about their relationship, we believe that that they must have met at a sporting event. After three years of dating, Eric Brady and Suzy Kolber decided to marry, strengthening their bond.

Image of a sports anchor, Suzy Kobler and her Husband Eric Brady
A sports anchor, producer, and journalist, Suzy Kolber with her Husband Eric Brady.

Suzy and her spouse Eric Brady welcomed their daughter, Kellyn Brady the very same year. As of 2021, Kellyn will turn 13 years old. Her mother tries her best to keep her away from the public and give her a normal childhood.

Are Eric Brady and Suzi Kolber Still Married?

Interestingly, several reports suggest that Eric Brady and Suzy Kolber might not be together anymore. In an interview, Suzy talked about raising her daughter on her own, which, gave rise to this speculation. However, the rumor has never been confirmed.

Suzy Kolber Salary.

Kolber has made a chunk of her net worth from her time working with sports networks like ESPN and Fox Sports. With the popularity she gained across these platforms, Suzy was able to attract a variety of mouth-watering endorsement deals. A while back, Pepsi paid her to work as the brand ambassador of the company.

Other than that, she also earned a hefty sum from working for Chevrolet. She was the spokesperson. Back in the mid-90s, Suzy partnered with Sony Playstation and consequently, featured in ESPN’s Extreme Games.

Net Worth: $19 Million.

This wouldn’t be her only video game experience as she also worked on multiple NFL games on consoles like the X-box and Sega. As of 2021, Suzy Kobler’s net worth is $19 million.

You can know more about her on her Instagram.

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