Michelle Malkin’s Husband Jesse Malkin, Net Worth, Children

Michelle Malkin is a columnist, journalist, blogger, and celebrated author. The aspiring journalist out as a junior columnist at the Los Angeles Daily in 1992. In 1999, she started working for the Seattle Times. Malkin is also a celebrated author with seven books under her name. Read to meet Michelle’s husband Jesse Malkin and her net worth.

She created two internet start-up companies, namely Twitchy and Hot Air. These companies are internet websites that publish political content. Malkin is also very active on her Twitter account. This is where she voices her opinions on various issues.

She is considered to be one of the highly esteemed and authoritative figures on Twitter. Her conservative political views are the most frequent content of her blogs. Malkin is widely respected for her political views.

Michelle Malkin and Husband Jesse Malkin’s Love Life.

The gorgeous TV personality, Michelle is blissfully wedded to Jesse Malkin, a political analyst who also works as an economist for Rand Corporation. Michelle and Jesse began dating while they were both students at Oberlin University. After some years of dating, they tied the knot.

The couple married on July 24, 1993, at a very intimate wedding with only a handful of guests. They have a son Julian Daniel and a daughter Veronica Mae. Jesse studied politics at the Oberlin University. In 1991, he took further studies at the Oxford University.

Image of successful journalist, Michelle Malkin and her husband
A multi-talented columnist, journalist, Michelle Malkin with her husband, Jesse Malkin.

He then pursued his Public Policy Analysis Ph.D. at Rand Graduate School. When Michelle started her company Twitchy, Jesse served as its vice president until 2013.

In 2004 Jesse had some health issues. Eventually, the couple decided that Jesse retire from his career as a political analyst.

Since then, Jesse has taken on the responsibility of focusing on the upbringing of their two children. Due to the nature of her work, Michelle has a very hectic schedule.

And having Jesse at home has maintained a healthy and happy home for the kids. Having at least one of them as a full-time parent has benefited the kids while growing up. The Malkin family is currently residing in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Michelle and Malkin will be celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary in July 2021.

Net Worth.

Michelle Malkin has an impressive net worth of $2 million as of 2021. Her income is sourced primarily from her position as a columnist. She weekly columns that are published in newspapers and news websites. Michelle is also a respected political commentator and regularly appears on Fox News.

Her political views are mainly conservative. In addition to being a journalist, Michelle is also a businesswoman with two companies under her name. She co-manages her companies with her husband, Jesse Malkin.

The highly-opinionated journalist also has a website www.michellemalkin.com where she publishes blogs about different issues currently affecting the country. Her followers highly value her political views.

Michelle is also a respected public speaker, so she gets hired for speaking engagements at universities, forums, and other venues. Another source of income for her is her books. She has published seven books so far, and a few of them have made it to the New York Times bestseller list.

Michelle’s Daughter Veronica Mae Malkin.

Michelle has a daughter named Veronica Mae, who was born in 1999. Unfortunately, in 2015 her daughter suffered from a respiratory condition called costochondritis.

This condition affects the cartilage lining the rib cage and causes it to become inflamed. Veronica Mae’s condition caused her to have chest pains and troubled breathing. She often struggles to breathe at night. And also wakes up to chest pains that are often severe.

Her health condition also caused her to lose weight rapidly. Michelle Malkin shared with her blog followers the sad news when she first found out about her daughter’s health problem. Luckily, Veronica Mae has surpassed her respiratory illness. Eventually, the teen began to gain some of her weight. She is now 21 years old and currently enrolled in college.

Son Julian Daniel Malkin.

In 2003 Michelle and her husband welcomed their youngest child named Julian Daniel. Their youngest child loves doing outdoor activities. So whenever the couple has free time, they take their kids out on hikes. Hiking is one of the favorite bonding activities of the Malkin family. Today, their son is already 18 years old.

Image of successful journalist, Michelle Malkin and her family
Renowned columnist, journalist, and author, Michelle Malkin with her husband and kids, Veronica Mae and Michelle.

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