What happened to Kat Timpf? Health Problems, Neck Surgery?

Kat Timpf is a popular columnist and TV host who has been associated with Fox News since 2015. She is a liberal and has worked with personalities like Greg Gutfeld and Eric Boiling.

Currently, the TV host runs a show Sincerely Kat on Fox Nation. The show made its debut on 2019 and has completed two seasons so far.

Working as a TV presenter can be quite troublesome, especially when you are discussing such controversial topics. Even though she made a lot of supporters throughout her career, she also attracted many haters.

This article discusses what happened to Kat Timpf, her health problems, neck surgery, and physical assault.

What Happened to Kat Timpf? Health Problems

Image of Kat Timpf
Kat Timpf is an American libertarian columnist, television personality, reporter, and comedian.

Fame doesn’t always bring peace. That’s what happened with the Fox journalist Timpf.

At a political event, some stranger assaulted her with a water bottle. The physical damage was quite serious, and the journalist had to undergo neck surgery.

On multiple occasions, Timpf has been asked to vacate bars and restaurants simply because they didn’t like her opinions on TV. That said, she has much more supporters who defend her, at least on social media handles.

During her mid-twenties, the journalist developed an autoimmune disorder. This affected her hair and metabolism.

The TV personality also has a constant problem with low weight. She has been quite thin all her life but is improving.

Since Timpf has faced many nuisances in public interactions, she prefers walking around without her glasses on. Most people see her on TV with specs, so she feels more comfortable without them.

Kat Timpf Neck Surgery

After an assault from a stranger, Kat received an injury on the back of her neck. The assault weapon was a water bottle, and the incident happened at a political event.

The journalist had to go through neck and back surgery immediately.

Current Health Update

Even though some gruesome things have happened to the journalist in the past, she is completely healthy as of 2023. She is still featured on Fox News and strongly pushes her career forward.

The weight problem seems to have alleviated as well. Here is a recent clip that she shared from the Gutfeld show.

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