Jonathan Morris’s wife Kaitlyn Folmer and Kids. His Illness, Net Worth

Jonathan Morris is a former Catholic priest, Fox News analyst, and religious commentator. Throughout his career, he has established himself as a social and religious influencer.

Recently, there have been some buzz about his illness, due to which he had to leave the prestigious priesthood life that he was following dearly. Is there any truth behind these rumors?

This article discusses Jonathan Morris’s wife, Kaitlyn Folmer, kids, his illness, and net worth.

Who is Jonathan Morris?

Image of Jonathan Morris
Jonathan Morris is an actor, author, and religious commentator on Fox News Channel

Morris is a popular name among the Christian community. He is also an avid religious commentator who occasionally deals with controversial topics.

As a former priest, he has the backing of strong influencers and believers. Thus, he gets a strong media following daily.

Aside from his career in journalism and member of the Church, he has also written various books. Some include God wanting you happy and the way of serenity.

He also offers a course for self-improvement on his website.

Jonathan Morris is married to Kaitlyn Folmer

Image of Jonathan Morris with his wife, Kaitlyn Folmer
Jonathan Morris with his wife, Kaitlyn Folmer

The former priest and his wife, Kaitlyn, are both journalists. There were two big events in the Vatican back in 2013- the papal conclave for Pope Francis and the retirement of Benedict XVI.

Jonathan was present to cover for Fox News, and ABC News appointed Kaitlyn for the task. Therefore, in March, both of them were in Rome.

To ensure the fluidity of the event without hassle, it is a common practice to record details of all the visitors beforehand. The church had assigned this task to Kaitlyn.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan was also one name among the visitors as he was the archbishop of NYC. As his wingman, Jonathan was traveling along with Timothy at the time.

Thus, he got the opportunity to meet his wife for the first time. Their love life started slow, and it took over seven years for the duo to decide they wanted to live together.

Jonathan was in doubt, as he would have to leave the priesthood for his newly risen desires. Cardinal Dolan even offered him sabbatical leave, providing him with ample time to dwell upon the matter and come to a conclusion.

In June 2019, he decided it was the right time to leave the priesthood for good and start a family.  Morris asked Folmer out on her birthday.

The two enjoyed a lovely time together on this day and even shared the numbers. They were getting closer; even intimate relations were forming as the days went on.

They decided to marry at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on October 17, next year. As it was the middle of a global pandemic, only a few of his friends and family members were invited.

Who is Kaitlyn Folmer?

Kaitlyn is the wife of Jonathan Morris. She would be half Korean and half American by ethnicity, but she was born in Lebanon. This makes her an American woman.

She currently works as an investigative producer for ABC News. Kate was a high school teacher in her younger days.

In addition, she performed as a musician in the local Church. Growing up, she took an interest in journalism and completed her studies in the same at New York University.

She started from radio stations. After she developed enough confidence, she reached out to television platforms to get an opportunity to air live. Finally, she joined ABC news.


Jonathan and his wife Kate have one child so far. He was born on 8th October 2021. They call him Andrew Graham Timothy, Andy for short.

Morris uploads his son’s pictures in his Instagram posts. The father and the son both look quite similar.

Jonathan Morris Illness and health update

After Father Jonathan resigned from the priesthood, people were speculating if he was ill. This started as a rumor at first; however, people were quick to argue the specifics of his condition.

To date, no confirmed source claims his ailment. His physical health has been quite good lately, and there are no visible signs to suggest otherwise.

Thus, the rumors about Morris’s ill health are false.

His net worth

His assets are worth $73 million in 2022. He earns by working as a journalist in the personal development business and news reporting. Additionally, his Instagram has 20.8k followers.

Quick Facts

Full Name  Jonathan Morris
Date of birth 22nd August 1972
Age 50 years old
Wife Kaitlyn Folmer
Height 1.7 meters
Nationality American
Profession Catholic priest, Commentator
Net Worth $10 million

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