How Many Times Has Ben Domenech Been Married? First Wife Christine Barton.

Even though bloggers are the people who write about something or someone, they do not escape talks about them, including Ben Domenech. Ben rose to fame after being a television commentator for the famous cable channel, Fox News.

Many people knew him as the man with many insights and the co-founder of The Federalist. The renowned commentator was born in Jackson, Mississippi, the United States, on January 1, 1982, and is now 41.

Domenech also worked for The Heartland Institute as their managing editor for the health care policy. The blogger also ventured into other fields like evangelical magazines when he worked for The City.

If you are one of those people who want to know how many times Ben Domenech has been married, then keep reading this article. We have answers and information you need about his relationship history, ex-wife, and present wife.

How Many Times Has Ben Domenech Been Married?

As Ben makes a name for himself in the television industry, rumours also spread about his personal life. One of the rumours he is facing is the marriage he had in the past.

People want to know if he has been married multiple times in the past and what happened with those marriages. He is a rising television commentator, and people want to know him behind the camera.

According to sources, the renowned journalist admitted that he had been married twice in the past. People were shocked when they learned about the situation since Ben was only 41.

Age is a critical factor in marriage since it determines how young or old you tied a knot with someone. Social media users quickly expressed their mixed reactions to his admission.

Some people said there was nothing wrong with what happened to his life since divorce happens to some. However, some said it is suspicious since he failed with love twice, and the next woman should be careful.

First Wife Caroline Seaton Powell

People have been wondering about the failed marriages of the famous blogger. They want to discover the truth about their relationship and why it ended in a divorce.

Our team surfed the internet and discovered that his first wife was named Caroline Seaton Powell. We have extensively researched their love history, but unfortunately, the couple did not want to dig up their past.

Moreover, the couple started a healthy relationship before tying the knot. Ben and Caroline dated for a few years to see if their personalities were compatible.

Image of Ben Domenech first wife Caroline Seaton Powell

After knowing they had the same interests and ideations about certain things, the couple decided to exchange vows and rings in 2003. People were happy when the news came out, but their marriage ended with a divorce.

Ben Domenech’s Second Wife

When Ben had a failed first marriage, people thought he would not find another woman who would love him. However, they were wrong when the news came out that he married another stunning woman.

The former couple started strong and even showcased a healthy relationship to the public. Ben and Christine dated briefly before deciding to tie the knot in 2010.

However, their marriage ended, and they did not publicize the reasons for their divorce. Our team will update this article once we find more information about the matter.

Ben Domenech is Currently Married to his Wife Meghan McCain

With two failed marriages behind Domenech, people did not expect him to be married for the third time. However, his fans were shocked when he announced that he was dating a columnist named Meghan McCain.

Meghan is a famous television personality, and people love her for being fashionable and gorgeous in front of the camera. According to sources, the couple has been quiet for a long time but announced their engagement in July 2017.

After a few months, Meghan and Ben thought they could not wait any longer. The couple decided to tie the knot on November 21, 2017.

Image of Ben Domenech and current wife Meghan McCain

The couple tried to have a child in 2019, and people were excited to see their baby. However, in July 2019, news came out that Meghan had suffered a miscarriage.

Meghan and Ben decided to have another baby, and in 2020, they welcomed an adorable child. The family welcomed Liberty Sage McCain in September 2020, and people could not hide their happiness.

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