John Molner [Katie Couric’s Husband], Net Worth, Age, Wiki

John Molner is a former financer and wealth consultant based in Chicago who worked and partnered with the Brown Brothers Harriman. Molner has over 30 years of experience in transaction execution, expenditure, investment evaluation, and providing a post-investment profit.

Before retiring in 2014, Molner advised various top clients of varied industries and led corporates to succeed financially. As of now, Molner is famous for being the husband of a prominent news journalist, Katie Couric. Likewise, he is the CEO and co-founder of Katie Couric Media which the husband and wife co-founded in 2018.


Since financier John Molner stepped foot on Earth on January 21, 1963, Molner has reached 60 years.

Net Worth

As of 2023, John Molner has amassed vast wealth. Molner’s actual net worth stands at $20 million.

Being a financer and senior adviser for over two decades has helped Mr. Molner accumulate a colossal fortune. Moreover, Molner was a partner at a wealth management company known as Brown Brothers Harriman, a company where John has worked for over 30 years. A financial advisor in New York earns $61,178 annually.

Besides this, Molner is the husband of one of the wealthiest journalists in America. He lives with Katie in a recently bought apartment in New York’s Upper East Side for a crazy amount of $12.2 million.

Molner also drives a red Ford Thunderbird car that costs at least $38,985.


Molner came to the limelight to marry the veteran journalist, Katie Couric. Katie has been a news correspondent for networks like CBS, ABC, Today, etc. Moreover, this 60-year-old journalist is regarded as one of the wealthiest journalists of all time. As of 2023, Couric is worth over $20 million.

Image of a former financer and wealth consultant, John Molner and journalist wife
The veteran journalist, Katie Couric’s husband, John Molner.

Previously, Molner’s now-wife was married to Dr. John Paul Monahan. However, Katie lost him due to colon cancer. The loss of her first husband paved the way for John Molner to enter her life.

The Initial Meeting of Katie and Molner

At the time, Katie was going through a lonely time. The loss of her husband forced Molly to seek love elsewhere. Katie describes herself to be someone who prefers company rather than being alone.

Luckily, Molner and Katie met each other through their mutual friend named Molly. Katie asked her friend to suggest a single doctor for her. But, instead, Katie got offered a banker whose name was John Molner.

As such, Molner met Katie at the end of 2012 and got engaged in 2013. Katie’s first impression of Molner was excellent though Molner was dating another girl at the time.

Wedding and Married Life

Molner exchanged vows with Katie on June 21, 2014, in a secret wedding ceremony at Katie’s home in the Hamptons. Molner organized most of the ceremony plans and walked down the aisle with Katie to their favorite song; Till There was You.

It is safe to say that Molner is living a happy life with Katie. Both of them like to live a serene life and encourage each other to be better in life. The husband and wife also shared a screen in 2017 when Molner co-starred with Katie in a cooking show called Full Plate with Katie & John.

Likewise, Molner co-founded Katie Couric Media for his wife to collaborate with the world’s trusted news agencies to make purpose-driven content.

Besides professional life, Molner is also supportive of their private life. He gives Katie all the love in the world that her first lover would have given her.


John Molner does not share any children with Katie. However, Molner is the father of two young ones. They are a daughter, Allie Molner, and a son, Henry Molner. Both of Molner’s children are business experts. Allie Molner is an accountant and digital strategy associate, whereas Henry Molner is a senior strategist and supervisor at Horizon Next.

Similarly, Molner’s now-wife had two daughters with Dr. John Paul Monahan, namely Ellie and Carrie.

Image of a former financer and wealth consultant, John Molner and children
The son and daughter of the veteran journalist, Katie Couric and John Molner.

The eldest daughter is Ellie, who is a Yale graduate and 31 years old. Likewise, Carrie is 26 years old..

John Molner’s First Wife and Other Relationships

Similar to Katie, John Molner was a married man before the two met. Molner had tied the knot with Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island’s English teacher named, Jane Franke. Unfortunately, Molner and his wife split due to unsettling differences.

After Jane, Molner was in a relationship with a much younger woman named Jessica Hsu. However, their relationship began to crack when Molner met Katie. Also, as soon as Hsu found out that she was being cheated on, Molner dumped her right away.

Jessica even warned Katie by saying that her now-husband is a cheater. However, Katie is deeply in love with Molner, and the two are celebrating their seventh anniversary.


John Molner, the finance guy, went to Trinity College. Later, Molner pursued an MBA course in the University Of Chicago’s Business school in 1989.

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