Greg Kelly, Wife Judith Gray & Baby. Salary, Net Worth

Gregory Raymond Kelly, widely known as Greg Kelly, is a famous American television host. His birth year was December the 17th in 1968.

Born in Garden City, New York, he is an American, although his ethnicity is Caucasian.

Greg is the child of Raymond Kelly and Veronica Kelly. He spent his early life with his sibling named James Kelly.

Greg’s father was the longest-serving officer in the New York police department, holding two consecutive tenures. This made him the first among his peers to do so.

Kelly is well educated. He went to university at Fordham and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in political science. Likewise, he had also worked as a part of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and now is a retired lieutenant colonel.

Greg Kelly is Married to His Wife Judith Gray Since 2017

The story of Greg Kelly and Judith Gray‘s meeting is nothing short of that of a romantic novel. Before they were acquainted personally, Gray did not know who Kelly was, even when he was a well-off celebrity.

They had only interacted online after a mutual friend sent them an introductory mail in September of 2015. Greg claims that the mail undermined what Gray was as a person in real life.

Naturally, he did not reach out to Gray at that time. The lack of calls disappointed Gray a bit. Still, ultimately she understood the sentiment as her profile wasn’t really up to par, she noted.

Later, when he ran into their mutual friend, they provided a much detailed and bright version of Gray. This time around, he couldn’t help but call Gray to set up a date.

When they finally met, both of them felt an instant connection and talked well into the night. The attraction they felt was mutual, and they set up another date.

Moreover, he realized one thing after meeting her in person. Fate had already started pulling strings to bring them together as he had noticed her stretching and jogging at the dock at Sag Harbor. Still, as she had earphones on, Kelly decided it was best not to disturb her.

As fate would have it, they officially started dating each other. Almost three years into their relationship and undergoing separation and strain in their relationship, they both settled down as husband and wife on November the 12th, 2017.

Meanwhile, Kelly is sure of the fact that Ms. Gray is the love of his life. He recognizes her as someone suitable for him and his life.

Image of American TV host, Greg Kelly and her wife
American Television host, Greg Kelly and his wife, Judith Gray.

Likewise, Gray has brought excellent stability to him as she is ever so brilliant, giving, and loving. They have shared a loving home and respect for each other’s life and professions.

Currently, Kelly and Gray have a beautiful daughter named Analise, born in February of 2020. Thus, they seem to share a fantastic journey as a couple and as parents to their daughter.

Who is Judith Gray?

Greg Kelly is married to Judith Gray. She works at New York University Club as their creative director in advertising. Ms. Gray is the youngest child to her mother Eva Menahem and father Samuel Menahem, among all three of her siblings.

Moreover, her mother works as an investor in real estate, and her father’s occupation is pediatric cardiology. In addition, he also teaches as a professor at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

Similarly, her father also holds a Bachelor’s degree in science for neuroscience from Columbia and a fine arts degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Gray’s career began as an artist in Melbourne. She used to display and sell her oil paintings to the masses then. Later down the road, she switched to a work-life in advertising which brought her from Sydney to Hongkong to New York in 1997.

Greg Kelly: A Marine, News Anchor and War Reporter

When talking about our careers, not many of us can list being in the marine, being a war reporter, and a news anchor all at once in a single lifetime. But such isn’t the case for Greg Kelly.

The 54-year-old American television host once actively served his time in the marines. According to news sources, Kelly served in the Marines for nine years.

He actively worked during the years 1991-2000. Moreover, he was the jump jet pilot in the marine and operated an AV8B Harrier II.

While on work, he had to fly over Iraq to enforce the No-Fly Zone instated by the United Nations with 158 aircraft carriers. After his marine years, he also worked and went far with his journalism and news anchoring career.

At first, he worked as a news anchor for the American Broadcasting Company, where he exclusively interviewed the then-president, Bill Clinton. Subsequently, in 2001, Kelly had the chance to work as a political reporter for NY1, where he dispatched live reports from Ground Zero. In addition, his notable works in the field of journalism had him being hired by Fox News in 2002.

Image of News Anchor and War Reporter, Greg Kelly
News Anchor and War Reporter, Greg Kelly.

In 2003, when Iraq was getting invaded, Kelly worked mainly as a war reporter with the United States 3rd division Army. Moreover, he received a minor injury to his face when an explosive shell exploded near him.

He became the first journalist to have broadcasted live pictures of the U.S. military invading the president’s palace in Baghdad.

Likewise, from 2008 to 2012, he hosted Good Day New York on the Fox 5 news channel before being replaced by Dave Price. In 2013, when Price left the show, Kelly was reinstated back in the front.

Later, he quit the morning show in the September of 2017 and was replaced by Lori Stokes. And now, as of January 2020, he has been working in Newsmax T.V., and hosts the show Greg Kelly Reports at 7.

Greg Kelly Salary and Net Worth

Different sources have their own data on Greg Kelly’s net worth. As of 2021, Kelly’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

Being a successful and talented journalist brought Kelly a lot of name and fame. He had a massive fan following and excellent work experience in all he did.

Hence, this increased Kelly’s worth in the market.

According to the sources, he receives quite a generous amount from working as a co-host at Newsmax. Therefore, Kelly’s average salary amounts to about $85,507 annually.


In between January and February of 2012, Kelly was charged with rape allegations by the Manhattan District Attorney. They investigated his case where Kelly was found innocent.

Thus, after being proven innocent, Kelly returned to work with a clean slate on February the 13th, 2012.

Only after two years, on June the 9th, 2014, did Kelly’s accuser speak up publicly about her 2012 allegations against Kelly.

This is a testament to what fame and money can bring upon a person when others envy them.

Kelly’s Social Media

After his mesmerizing success in the careers he ventured on throughout his life, Kelly had gained himself a massive fan following, and most of them were females. Similarly, his social media showcased his popularity amongst American natives and more as he acquired many followers on there.

His Instagram handle is @grKelly2, he’s on Twitter as @gregkellyusa, and as for Facebook, a simple search of his name will do the trick.

As of writing this article, the followers of Kelly’s Instagram stans at 43.8k, on Facebook, he has 94k followers, and on Twitter, he has a whopping 349k of fan following.

Moreover, he actively posts on all his social media platforms on his own.

Full Name Gregory Raymond Kelly
Birth Date On December the 17th, 1968
Birth Place Garden City, New York
Nicknames Greg Kelly
Degree B.A. in political science
Nationality American
Father’s Name Raymond Kelly
Mother’s Name Veronica Kelly
Siblings James Kelly
Height 1.78m
Salary $85,507 on average annually
Horoscope Sagittarius
Eye Color Blue
Marital Status Married
Spouse Judith Gray
Children Annalise Kelly
Profession T.V. Host, U.S. Marine officer, Journalist, Actor
Net Worth $3 million


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