Fox News Journalist Karl Rove Net Worth, Spouse, Biography.

Karl Rove made a significant impact as a republican advisor when George Bush was administrating the White House. He is a reputed commentator, political strategist, and columnist who talks about important political affairs.

In addition to his TV and political career, he also writes as a political contributor for the Wall Street Journal. Rove’s professional career is transparent among his followers.

However, subtle details about his personal life is still under the curtains. This article explores Fox News Journalist Karl Rove’s net worth, his spouse details, and his wiki biography.

Fox News Journalist Karl Rove Biography

Image of Karl Rove
Karl Rove is a known TV personality, political adviser, and a political consultant

The TV commentator was born on the 25th of Dec, 1950. Thus, he will turn 73 years old in the December of 2023.

His birthplace is Denver, Colorado, and his parents raised him in Nevada City. As a young child, he loved having debates and arguments with his parents and schoolmates.

This habit developed later on, and he went on to become a political analyst. Karl Rove is a Republican. The TV personality is quite close to former US President George W. Bush. President Bush also made an appearance and attended the third marriage ceremony of the political analyst.

At 18 years of age, he entered and started engaging actively in political activities. He also worked for News Week for some time during his career.

In 2007, Christopher Hitchens made a remark about Mr Rove that he is a non-believer. This was after Rove’s interview with the New York Review of Books.

After 3 years in 2010, Karl clarified the matter. He stated that his word had been misinterpreted. He announced that he is a true Christian and always had been.

Karl Rove Net Worth

Rove’s amazing career as a political analyst has served him well. Throughout his career, he has led some gigantic political projects.

The most significant one has to be when he worked as a senior advisor directly under George Bush. As of 2023, the TV commentator has a net worth of $9 million.

His income streams are Fox News, Wall Street Journal, and his other political activities.

Spouse Details

Image of Karl Rove with his wife, Karen Johnson
Karl Rove with his wife, Karen Johnson

To date, Karl Rove has exchanged wedding vows with three women. His first marriage was the shortest lived one with his first wife Valerie Wainwright.

The duo rang wedding bells in 1976 and divorced four years later in 1980. After the wedding, Rove and Valerie shifted to Texas.

Their wedding was quite extravagant as many people still talk about it with amazement. The political analyst married for the second time in 1986.

His wife Darby Tara Hickson was a graphics designer by profession. According to our sources, Darby was a former employee of Karl Rove and Co. Thus, we speculate that’s where the couple met for the first time.

One important fact about Darby is that she is a survivor of Breast cancer. Even though Rove married three different women, he has only one child.

He shares his only son Andrew Madison Rove with his second wife. The duo divorced in 2009.

Karl finally married for the third time in 2012. His third marriage has been successful so far as the couple is still going strong in 2023.

The wedding was held in Austin, Texas, and the bride’s name is Karen Johnson. She is a lobbyist by profession.

Former president George Bush also attended this couple’s marriage. Rove currently lives in Washington D.C. with his wife.

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