Dan Bongino’s Wife Paula Andrea Bongino Net Worth, Nationality, Biography

Being a commentator has been the profession of most journalists in the field, and one of the famous commentators is Dan Bongino. He rose to fame after showing skills in the journalism field. Dan is Married to wife Andrea Bongino.

If you are one of those people who want to know more about Dan Bongino’s wife, then keep reading this article. This article contains more information about Dan Bongino’s wife Paula Andrea Bongino, her net worth, Nationality, and Wikipedia-like biography.

Dan Bongino is Married to Wife Paula Andrea Bongino

Image of Dan Bongino with his wife, Paula Andrea Bongino
Dan Bongino with his wife, Paula Andrea Bongino

Undoubtedly, Dan is famous among people his age because of how he shares ideas about life. Moreover, many supporters got intrigued about his relationship status.

Social media users talked about the special someone in Dan’s life that motivates him at work. People also spread conversations that Dan is with a stunning woman and spotted in public places.

The radio host is not that old, and many ladies are still hoping they could get a date with him. However, he is off the market as Bongino is a happily married man with a beautiful woman.

Bongino married his wife, Andrea Bongino, in 2003, and people were happy for them. Many people ask how they met; surprisingly, a blind date made the relationship work.

After the couple had a blind date in 2001, they dated for two years to see if they were compatible. The two-year waiting time was worth it as they are now married and a healthy couple.

Paula and Dan’s relationship was a rollercoaster ride as they encountered problems along the way. Still, they overcame the challenges and stayed healthy for their kids.

As an enthusiastic couple, Dan opened a business with his wife in 2012. They primarily focused on selling designed websites and art products.

Unfortunately, they had to close their businesses since Dan became busy running for the elections. In 2016, they announced that their businesses would shut down permanently.


Image of Dan Bongino with his wife, Paula Andrea Bongino, and their kids
Dan Bongino with his wife, Paula Andrea Bongino, and their kids

The couple enjoyed two years of being together before deciding to be married. Having alone time was not much of a problem as they had already experienced it before being married.

Furthermore, after one year of being husband and wife, the couple gave birth to their first child. She is Isabel Bongino, born on January 15, 2004, in the United States.

Paula and Dan wanted to make sure that they gave and supported Isabela in the things she wanted. The famous couple waited for a few years before having another child.

After eight years of taking care of Isabela, the couple gave birth to their second child. The adorable child is named Amelia Bongino, born on January 20, 2012, in the United States.

The husband and wife have now finally reached financial stability. They resided in Palm City, Florida, the United States. 

Paula Andrea Bongino Net Worth

Paula is related to a famous man with experience in politics, which sparked many questions. Some people want to know how much she earns as a celebrity wife and businesswoman.

According to sources, people should not underestimate Paula as she allegedly has a $2 million net worth. She also made a name for herself as she works as a web developer.

Sources also said that Paula used to work for SIFMA or the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association. Paula Andrea also saved money from their businesses in the past.

Paula’s income sources were not made available to the public since she maintains a private life. However, sources released statements that her income mostly comes from her profession as a web developer. 

Paula Andrea Bongino Wiki, Nationality

Indeed, Paula rose to fame when she was introduced as the wife of Dan Bongino. However, people want to know more about her life and education.

According to sources, she was born in Cali, Colombia, on August 2, but her birth year was kept private. Internet sources said she might be around her 40s and close to her husband’s age.

The web developer has an excellent academic background and came from Baruch Colleg in New York City. However, Paula was tight-lipped about her parents’ identities and did not share them with the public.

The celebrity wife also holds dual citizenship, and she is American-Colombian. Paula Andrea belongs to the white ethnicity.

About Dan Bongino

Dan works as a radio show host of The Dan Bongino Show, aired by Westwood One. The famous host also has a show called Unfiltered with Dan Bongino by Fox News.

Bongino was born in New York City, the United States, on December 4, 1974, and is now 48. He has a good academic background with a psychology degree and a master’s degree from Pennsylvania State University.

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