Dallas Raines Wife Danielle W. Raines, Daughter, Net Worth, Age, Real Name

Dallas Raines is KABC-TV’s notable reporter and meteorologist. He has been the network’s chief meteorologist for many years. Read this to learn about Dallas Raines’ wife, Danielle W. Raines. His net worth and real name.

Before his current job, Dallas also served as the chief of the meteorology department of different T.V. stations, including WBRZ-TV, based in Baton Rouge, and WDSU, based in Louisiana.

Dallas passed one of the American Meteorological Society’s difficult exams, making himself one of the individuals who have the privilege of calling themselves a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist.

The experts in AMS usually assess their on-air performance and rate their capability to interpret weather information for the audience. As an excellent meteorologist, Dallas had become a member of the American Meteorological Society and earned its seal of approval for broadcasting on live television.

Dallas had received multiple awards and recognition and got invited to attend a debate about global warming between 30 scientists and climatologists. The said debate was hosted by the United States of America’s former president, Bill Clinton, and former vice president, Al Gore.

Throughout his career, Dallas has received several awards for his excellent performance in his profession. Some of the recognitions he received are the Best Weather Person during the Daily News People’s Choice Award in Los Angeles, the Best Weathercast on the Golden Mike Award in Southern California, and the American Cancer Society’s Man of the Year.

Dallas Raines Real Name. Who is he?

Image of Dallas Raines
Dalla Raines is a known American meteorologist at KABC-TV

Ever since he was a kid, Dallas had always been engrossed in the concept of weather. He read many books about it and even dreamed of having a job related to it.

Therefore, when the young meteorologist was in college, Dallas decided to study broadcast journalism and earth science, specifically meteorology. Eventually, he earned his degree in Bachelor of Science at Florida State University.

Dallas had worked as an excellent reporter and meteorologist for different T.V. stations before transferring to CNN to become a part of the network’s national weather coverage. He had also performed on TBS Evening News as a weathercaster.

In 1984, Dallas transferred to KABC-TV as a news anchor during the weekend news. After a few years, he was given a chance to shift to weekday afternoons along with other reporters, including David Ono, Marc Brown, and Michelle Tuzee.

Aside from his job in the media, Dallas also works as a teacher at a public university. He worked at the California State University, Northridge, for a few years to teach students geography. With his two jobs, Dallas is able to enhance his knowledge in meteorology and improve his skills in reporting.

Dallas Raines Age

Dallas Raines is sixty-nine years old as of 2023. The American meteorologist is said to be born in the year 1954 in the state of Georgia. However, Dallas did not reveal his exact date of birth nor how he celebrated it.

Dallas Raines is Married to his Wife, Danielle W. Raines

Image of Dallas Raines with his wife, Danielle W. Raines
Dallas Raines with his wife, Danielle W. Raines

Dallas Raines is currently wedded to a woman named Danielle W. Raines. Dallas and Danielle had gone through many challenges in their life.

Even though Dallas is known as one of the most notable meteorologists in the United States of America, it does not guarantee a problem-free life for him and his wife.

In 2016, Dallas Raines wife, Danielle W. Raines, was charged with a felony count of assault after beating up her daughter on August 31. Danielle was picked up in a country club by her daughter and was said to be drunk when the crime happened. She attacked her daughter before and on the way home.

She even forced her daughter to pull over to the side of the road before attacking her again. Her daughter was able to stop her and escape, and Danielle got arrested on the same day.

The L.A. County District had sentenced her to drug rehabilitation for a year. Danielle was also put on three-year probation, where she had to stay away from her family.


Dallas Raines is said to have three lovely daughters with her wife, Danielle. However, the famous meteorologist decided to keep them away from the media to protect their personal lives. Hence, the public has no information about his daughters.

Net Worth Salary Details

With his successful career as a meteorologist, Dallas is reported to receive an annual pay of 75,000 to 90,000 US Dollars. Dallas Raines’ net worth is $3 million

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