Cameron Friscia: What does Kat Timpf’s Husband Do for a living?

Cameron Friscia became a hot topic of discussion when he exchanged wedding vows with his famous journalist wife, Kat Timpf. Kat is a renowned news presenter, political commentator, TV host, and columnist.

She is associated with Fox News for seven years now and is a regular analyst on the channel.

In this article, we focus on Cameron Friscia, the husband of Kat Timpf. So, who is Cameron, and what does he do for a living? Let’s find out.

Kat Timpf is Married to her husband, Cameron Friscia

Image of Kat Timpf with her husband, Cameron Friscia
Kat Timpf with her husband, Cameron Friscia

It happened all of a sudden for fans of Kat Timpf. Without any indications of dating or engagement, she announced her marriage to her husband, Cameron Friscia.

The duo scheduled the wedding ceremony for May 1, 2021. After the wedding, Timpf shared some photos from the past. The images seemed about a year old.

It indicated that the couple might have been dating for a year before the marriage. As of 2023, the couple is happy with their marital relationship.

Here is a picture of them hanging out at a concert. Kat frequently features her husband, her colleagues, and her friends on her Instagram handle.

What does Kat Timpf’s husband Cameron Friscia Do for a living?

Cameron started out as an Army personnel. He was in the army and served in roles like asst. operations officer, asst. to the brigade commander, and many others.

However, Cameron decided to quit the US Army in 2014. Following that, he got an internship opportunity in a Bank.

Currently, Cameron Friscia is employed at Coatue Management LLC. There, he serves as the exploration partner. Thus, he runs a corporate life for a living.

His net worth

Thanks to his time in the army and his successful corporate career, Cameron has accumulated fair net worth. His net worth also comprises ancestral property and assets.

As of 2023, Friscia has about $1 million to his name. The combined net worth of the couple is almost $3 million.

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