Jason Chaffetz Net Worth. Wife Julie Chaffetz and Kids.

Many retired politicians made significant contributions to the industry by being strategic public officials, and one of them is Jason Chaffetz. He rose to fame after being a notable politician in his locality and helping people improve their lives.

This article talks about Jason Chaffetz’s net worth.

People were intrigued by his life since he was labeled a retired American politician. They want to know more about his life and what his profession is today.

Being a famous politician attracts more people who want to dig deeper into your personal life, and the paparazzi would follow you anywhere. Some also want to know about his educational background before becoming a public official.

If you are one of those people who want to know more about Jason Chaffetz’s wife, Julie Chaffetz, and their kids, keep reading this.

Who is Jason Chaffetz?

Online sources labeled Chaffetz as a man who is a retired American politician since he did not pursue the political world anymore. Jason formerly worked for Utah’s 3rd Congressional district as their respective U.S. representative.

He had a long stint as he started in 2009 and decided to resign in 2017. Jason wanted a new environment, so he became the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform chair from 2015 until 2017.

After leaving the political scene, he wanted a fresh start and entered the journalism industry. Chaffetz now works as a fox News contributor, commentator, and writer.

Image of Jason Chaffetz in black suit

The retired politician was born in Los Gatos, California, the United States, on March 26, 1967, and is now 56. He wanted a good academic background, so Jason entered BYU College of Fine Arts and Communication.

Many people bashed Jason after he countered the mandatory vaccinations because they allegedly caused autism. In addition, he was also against the re-authorizing of the Violence Against Women Act in 2013.

He obtained a bachelor’s degree in communications in 1989 and made his parents proud. Currently, Chaffetz is focusing on building his career as a commentator and contributor in his present company.

Jason Chaffetz Net Worth 

Since Jason rose to fame by being a famous politician turned commentator, people’s interests were piqued. They wanted to know if he was earning enough money to support his family and give them a stable life.

According to sources, Chaffetz’s net worth of $600,000 keeps increasing depending on his projects. Some online sources believe he earns $86,000 annually, which is enough to have a financially stable life.

Jason Chaffetz is Married to his wife, Julie Chaffetz. 

Chaffetz has been in the political and journalism industry for a long time, making people ask about his love life. They want to know who his wife is and if she is supportive of his career move.

The wedding details of the romantic couple were not revealed to the public, but they married each other in February 1991. The pair met when Jason was studying at Brigham Young University as a senior, and Julie was a junior.

Image of Jason Chaffetz and his wife

They started their relationship in 1989 and had a short time dating before tying the knot. Currently, the couple shows no signs of separation or divorce and showcases a healthy relationship with the public.

Kids and Granddaughter.

When journalists become famous, their families will share the spotlight with them. Jason and Julie gave birth to three children during their marriage.

Jason and his wife, Julie Chaffetz, have three children. Chaffetz’ children are named Ellis Chaffetz, Max Chaffetz, and Kate Chaffetz.

However, the personal information of the couple’s children was not revealed to the public.

Jason and Julie have one granddaughter with their daughter and son-in-law. In an Instagram post, Jason happily shared that he and his wife are officially grandparents.

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