Investigative Journalist Salary

Most journalists might argue that all reporting is investigative reporting. However, the latter is much broader and encompasses a set of methodologies to follow. The salary of an investigative journalist is mostly based on unearthing scandalous stories of corruption, embezzlement of public funds, and cartels. Others get off the thrill of going undercover and chasing leads while risking their lives in the process.

Some famous journalists that died while uncovering the truth include Anna Politkovskaya and Veronica Guerin, an Irish reporter. As a result, most investigative journalists live under protective custody with utmost secrecy. Despite being some of the highest-paid reporters in the field, investigative journalist salaries are difficult to come by. On average, they get about $55,849 annually.

Top Investigative Journalists and Their Salaries

Here are the lists of some journalists and their wages and net worth. Let’s learn in detail about the journalists’ salaries.

1. Bob Woodward Net Worth and Salary

Bob Woodward was a disruptive force during the late 20th Century in politicsHis work unearthed several scandals in the United States government that prompted numerous investigations. He was primarily responsible for President Nixon’s resignation with the Watergate Scandal and struck again with the Plame Scandal under George W. Bush’s administration and later with Barrack Obama.

Image of Bob Woodward
Bob Woodward

Most media outlets recognize Bob as one of the most influential reporters of all time. He wrote more than a dozen books, each making it to the New York Best Sellers list. As a result, the royalties helped raise Bob Woodward’s net worth to $25 million. However, there are no pieces of information about the salary of this investigative journalist.

2. Carl Bernstein Net Worth and Salary

As much as we celebrate Woodward, it’s also important to note that he wouldn’t have accomplished without help from Carl Bernstein. The latter is also a revered American investigative journalist that helped blindside President Nixon and his party in the Plame Scandal. The only difference is that Carl is Jewish, rebellious, and a communist.

Image of Carl Bernstein
Carl Bernstein

Aside from his investigative works, Bernstein also did a bit of broadcast journalism. He appeared as a political commentator at ABC, CNN, CBS, and various television commercials. As sources report on Carl Bernstein’s net worth at $16 million, this led to his fortune. However, the salary of this investigative journalist during this period is unknown.

3. Bill Dedman Net Worth and Salary

Bill Dedman is known for battling crimes against racial discrimination by the police, real estate agents, and mortgage lenders. He also delivered top-of-the-line investigations on the Guantanamo detainees and sexual abuse allegations by Roman Catholic Priests. However, Dedman’s most famous piece was the detailed biography of the heiress, Huguette Clark.

Image of Bill Dedman
Bill Dedman

Unlike most investigative journalists, Bill Dedman’s reporting involves putting pieces together on public records and insider accounts. For his series of articles, The Color of Money, Bill won the Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting. As a result, Bill Dedman’s net worth reportedly stands at $1.9 million. His salary, however, remains in the wind.

4. Walt Bogdanich Net Worth and Salary

Most journalists take on controversial topics such as politics, gender, and racism. However, Walt Bogdanich’s career took the more scenic route into investigating malpractices in the Pharmaceutical Industry. He is also a three-time recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Specialized reporting. And if that wasn’t enough, his wife, Stephanie Saul, is also a reporter for the New York Times who also bagged a Pulitzer Prize for excellent reporting.

Image of Walt Bogdanich
Walt Bogdanich

Investigative journalism isn’t the only thing on Walt’s arsenal. He was also the assistant editor at New York Times and an investigative producer at CBS and ABC News. Some of his other premised works include working as a reporter for The Wall Street JournalThe salary of this investigative journalist may not be on any public records, but sources report Walt Bogdanich’s net worth at approximately $1 million.

5. Seymour Hersh Net Worth and Salary

Retired American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh also tops our list of the highest-paid journalists. His work mostly lingered on National Security Matters and politics. Hersh helped uncover the Watergate scandal, the Syrian Civil War, and the death of Osama bin Laden. He is also been a revered writer and contributor for the London Review of Books since 2013. During his tenure as a journalist, Seymour covered several stories. These ranged from the My Lai Massacre, Attack on a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan, Project Jennifer, and so on.

Image of Seymour Hersh
Seymour Hersh

Hersh received as much criticism as he did praise. Nonetheless, it all didn’t matter as long as he got paid to speak the truth. According to online reports, Seymour Hersh’s net worth sits at approximately $2 million.

6. Michael Moore Net Worth and Salary

Michael Moore’s take on investigative journalism comes in filming documentaries that mostly touch on capitalism and globalization. He has been very instrumental and digging up controversies surrounding former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump. Moreover, Michael’s work also targets big corporations, the American Health Care System, and Gun ownership. He currently identifies as a democrat with strong political views on different matters in the system. Moore has been the recipient of the 2002 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

Image of Michael Moore
Michael Moore

Michael Moore’s net worth currently reads $30 million as per celebrity net worth. Most of it comes from his work as an investigative journalist, author, activist, and documentary filmmaker. While on the latter, he went on to direct and produce Fahrenheit 9/11, which probably holds the title of the highest-grossing documentary at the American Box Office. It made about $119 million in total.

7. Yamiche Alcindo Net Worth and Salary

Yamiche Alcindor currently makes waves as a journalist on PBS News. As an investigator, her work mostly touches on politics and social issues. Yaminche began her career as a reporter on Newsday, where she worked for two years. She was always first on the scene to report on Elementary School Shootings, Political Unrests, and more. The highlight of her career was when she became the White House correspondent for PBS Network.

Image of Yamiche Alcindo
Yamiche Alcindo

Her time at PBS has been very instrumental for her growth as a journalist. She produced a documentary called The Trouble with Innocence and moderate the 2020 presidential democratic debate. As for going undercover on major social injustices, online reports have Yaminche Alcindor’s net worth at approximately $2.5 million.

8. Louis Theroux Net Worth and Salary

Over in the UK, we have Louis Sebastian Theroux, a British investigative journalist since 1993. Like Michael Moore, he directs and produces his work through documentaries, books, podcasts, and more. Theroux’s first job as a journalist began at Metro Silicon Valley in San Jose, California. However, a year later, he switched to writing for Spy Magazine. Louis’s investigative work primarily covers off-beat cultural subjects and publications on civil rights groups.

Image of Louis Theroux
Louis Theroux

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Louis Theroux’s net worth currently stands at $4 million. Through his documentaries, Theroux has received two British Academy TV awards and won the Royal Television Society TV award. He now hosts a podcast on BBC Radio 4 called Grounded with Louis Theroux from his home.

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