Is Cheryl Casone Married to her Husband? Age, Height, Wiki Bio.

Many people have idolized many television anchors for their talent, and one of them is Cheryl Casone. She rose to fame after being a talented news anchor and reporter for various companies.

Read this to know if Cheryl Casone is married to her husband or dating a boyfriend.

With Cheryl having multiple television appearances, people got intrigued about her life. Some even asked about her relationship status and if she has a husband who supports her career path.

People described her as a stunning news anchor when they watched her on television programs. So, people wanted to know about Cheryl’s age and if she was still young like other reporters in her field.

If you are one of those people who want to know more about Cheryl Casone, then keep reading this article. We have all the answers to your questions and the information you need about Cheryl Casone’s marriage, husband, age, height, and Wikipedia-type biography.

Who is Cheryl Casone?

Cheryl Casone has been in the broadcasting industry for a long time, and this made people wonder about her life. Many people think she is a regular news anchor, but Cheryl is not.

Fox Business hired Casone as a news anchor, needing more talent and thinking as the news is about business. People thought she would follow in his father’s footsteps as her father primarily focused on engineering.

Cheryl enrolled at Thunderbird High School, where she built an academic foundation and graduated in 1988. The famous news anchor showed a passion for journalism and chose to take public relations in college.

She chose to attend Northern Arizona University and graduated in 1992. Casone also ventured into the field of being a flight attendant.

Image of Cheryl Casone in black dress

For five years, she travelled the world and found her groove in Southwest Airlines. She did not start as a full-time anchor as she was an occasional anchor for MSNBC Live.

She also took a job for CBS News as a general assignment reporter. Cheryl also did not put a limit on herself and became an employee of CNN as a freelance business correspondent.

Cheryl used her flight attendant skills as a field reporter when she traveled abroad to report in Middle Eastern countries. Indeed, Cheryl underwent a rollercoaster ride in her career path but found an impactful career in broadcasting.


With Cheryl’s gorgeous face flashing on people’s television screens many times, they started to wonder about her age. Since she appears to be a young lady in front of the camera, people praised her for taking good care of her skin.

The professional news anchor was born in Clearwater, Florida, the United States, on July 18, 1970, and is now 53. People were shocked when they knew her age as she looked like she was in her 40s only.

Is Cheryl Casone Married to a Husband?

Social media users have always wondered about her love life since she is a beautiful woman. However, people know that Cheryl has been private about her life and does not often share her relationship.

What worries her fans is that she is close to retirement and does not have someone special to take care of her. Cheryl Casone does not have a husband, and it looks like she is not planning to marry someone yet.

The broadcaster is focused on her career as a news anchor for her television programs. Our team will update this article once we find more information about Cheryl Casone’s love life.


When Cheryl was a field reporter, people noticed that she has tall height on the television. People got intrigued about Cheryl’s height since she has showcased her physique in front of the camera many times.

According to sources, Casone has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches or 1.70 meters. Indeed, she is a tall woman, and some women envy her for having a model-like height.

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