Brit Hume Wife Kim Hume. Age, Net Worth, Education.

Brit Hume is a globally recognized political commentator and a former Fox News anchor. Though Hume is a retired journalist, he is still a panelist at the Fox network, which made him a star.

Being a polarized journalist, Hume has proven his worth by bringing more viewers to the show every time. Not only his professional life, but this award-winning journalist has had many disturbances in his life as well.

Read this to know his wife Kim Schiller Hume aka Kim Hume.

Britt Hume Education

Brit Hume completed his schooling at St. Albans School, which can be located in Washington, D.C. Upon finishing education, Hume shifted to Charlottesville, Virginia. There, Hume attended the University of Virginia to get his credentials in English and communication in 1965.

Though Hume never had any formal training or qualifications in journalism, he made it to the top.


Hume’s first line of work was in newspaper industries. Initially, he served for The Hartford Times, United Press International, and Baltimore Evening Sun. During this time, Hume worked with Jack Anderson, and this began his interest in politics.

Later, Hume became the editor for a press criticism journal known as MORE.

Britt Hume broke out in the media industry during the 70s. After being hired by ABC News as a consultant, Hume slowly climbed to become a correspondent. For more than a decade, Hume covered news regarding the U.S. senates, House of Representatives, and George Bush’s presidential campaign.

During the end of the 90s, Hume joined the Fox News Network. While Hume was still with the Fox, he gained enormous popularity. This resulted in him debuting his show Lewinsky scandal in 1998.

Hume’s popularity could be visible in numbers when he drew 2.41 million viewers when he anchored Fox’s On the Record in 2016.

At 80 years of age, Britt Hume still serves the network in a new role as a senior political and regular analyst for Fox News Sunday. In the 2020 election, Hume joined the news covering team of well-known journalists, including commentators Chris Wallace, Dana Perino, Juan Williams, and Martha MacCallum.

Age and DOB

Brit Hume was born on June 22, 1943. Hence, at the present date, Brit has reached the age of 80.

Brit Hume is Married to His Wife, Kim Hume

Despite being recognized individuals, Brit and his wife prefer to keep their married life a secret. However, we know that Brit Hume has tied the knot with his wife, Kim Hume. Kim is Brit’s second wife, as he previously divorced Clare Jacobs Stoner.

Though there is no actual information regarding Brit and Kim’s initial meeting, rumors say that the two met at the set of ABC. It turns out that Brit and Kim had similar career patterns. Both were at ABC before joining Fox in the same year.

However, it was in 1993 when Brit Hume officially accepted Kim Schiller Hume as his wife. So far, Brit and Kim have a 30-year-long married life.

Brit Hume with his wife, Kim Hume
Political commentator and a former Fox News anchor, Brit Hume and his wife, Kim Hume

About Kim Schiller Hume.

Kim Hume is an Emmy-winning founder of Fox channel’s Washington Bureau Chief. Kim came to the limelight after revealing that she is the wife of Brit Hume.

Regardless, Hume’s wife is a California State University graduate who has been with the Fox network since 1996. However, Kim has retired from her position since 2007.

Kim would look over for news regarding D.C., including news coverage, gathering information, etc., even before joining the network.

Previously, Kim Schiller Hume worked at ABC News, where she gathered the information for Peter Jennings’ show World News Tonight. Additionally, the woman who worked in multiple stations such as WRC and KQED became the news content producer for The Health Show, Prime Time Live, Good Morning America, and This Week.

However, in all of her success, one thing that haunts Kim is her past addiction to alcohol and drugs. Kim was addict to these life-threatening intoxications in her early teens. Nonetheless, she overcame her struggles and stood as an exemplar of a former addict who survived sobriety and triumphed over addiction.

As of now, Brit Hume’s wife Kime Hume is a follower of Christianity. She became a devoted Bible student and joined the womens’ discussion groups who have had similar pasts. Not only that, but Kim Schiller Hume feels happy to share her personal story with these faith-based gatherings.

Net Worth and Salary

Britt Hume is undoubtedly one of the highest-earning sharks in the news pond. Though sources have conflicting views on his wealth, some sources report that Brit Hume holds a fortune of $14 million as of 2023.

It is no doubt that Hume amassed such a vast fortune. Thanks to his long and illustrious career in journalism. Reports suggest that Hume’s multiple roles as an anchor, host, and analyst have helped him whoop in a salary of $2 million. Moreover, in 2020, Hume signed a deal of multi-year extension with the Fox network.

This means that Hume will continue his existing roles while also serving as a panelist for Fox’s daytime and evening events and weekend and other special occasion programs.

His Son Sandy is a Journalist Too

Brit Hume had a son with his former wife, whom they named Alexander Britton Hume Jr. The world knows him as Sandy Hume, one of the gifted American journalists. Sandy, the first son of Brit, wanted to work for news companies since the get-go.

Getting his degree from Middlebury College, Sandy commenced his journey in journalism, cracking up some severe cases. Top commentators like Robert Novak have applauded Sandy’s breakdown of countless mysteries.

Sadly, a talented young man like Sandy took his own life in 1998 when he was only 28 years old. Sandy had only begun to achieve success as top news networks like U.S. News and Fox News desperately pursued him.

Reports reveal that Sandy was an alcohol addict, just like his mother. The night before Sandy died, the police arrested and locked himĀ up for drunk driving while going to an event. Also, Sandy tried to kill himself while in the cell, which forced the police to evacuate him to a psychiatric facility.

Moments after the police released him, Sandy drove to his Arlington apartment and took his life by shooting himself with a hunting rifle. He left a note expressing his guilt for drunk driving the previous night.

For Sandy’s honour, the National Press Club declared a Sandy Hume Memorial Award for excellent political journalists.

Other Children

Besides Sandy, Brit had two children, namely Louis Hume (youngest) and Virginia Hume (eldest). Virginia is Brit’s second child, who is a graduate of Vanderbilt University. She holds her credentials in History and is married to Drew.

Virginia focused on the department of communication throughout her career as she was Deputy Director of Communications and Deputy Press Secretary. After that, she became the director of Quinn Gillespie & Associates. Currently, Virginia focuses on writing and is the author of Haven Point: A Novel.


Brit Hume has two grandchildren from his eldest daughter, Virginia. Virginia Hume, who currently resides in Washington, D.C., has two daughters. Their names are Helen and Isabelle. In one of her posts, we could see where Virginia wishes her daughter a 22nd birthday on May 8. Nothing is available to the public regarding the young granddaughters of Britt Hume. However, Helen and Isabelle are very close to their mother and Brit himself. Brit also posted a picture of the two enjoying the sunset on his Twitter.

Brit Hume looking happy with her Grand Children
Political commentator and a former Fox News anchor and his Grand Children

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