Arthel Neville Husband Taku Hirano. Political Party, Net Worth

In 1962, Arthel Neville was born to parents Art and Doris in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her relatives are well known for their love of music. Arthel Neville is not only an entertainer, but she is also a well-established journalist who has worked for various TV Channels, including Fox News and CNN. Read this to learn about Arthel Neville’s husband, Tauko Hirano. Her net worth and political party affiliation.

Arthel’s dad, Art, won various awards for his singing career, and one of the most notable was from Grammy. Art also established three bands; his relatives were a part of them, and he was a Grammy Award recipient.

The fact that Arthel came from a talented family is not surprising because she is well-known in the entertainment industry. She went to New York after graduating high school to pursue a career as a model and actress.

She received several commercial castings and the chance to appear in the All My Children soap opera. She then went to her hometown again.

Arthel persisted till she discovered her real passion. She first changed her major to journalism after enrolling in pre-pharmacy.

If you’re curious about Arthel Neville’s husband, Taku Hirano, net worth, marriage, and political party, Read more.

Arthel Neville as, an American Journalist

Image of Arthel Neville
Arthel Neville is a known journalist, TV personality, and a Fox news anchor

While serving as a journalist, Arthel finished her undergraduate journalism degree in 1986. She secured a position as a correspondent for Austin’s KVUE-TV, making her the first coloured woman to work as a live broadcaster.

After finishing college, Arthel worked as an anchor for the television channel WWL. The journalistic career of Arthel Neville progressed.

She has collaborated with several firms and television stations since 1986. Arthel won several awards; the most notable is the Outstanding Young Texas Ex Award from her former school.

She now works as a broadcaster for Fox News Channel every weekend. In addition to being a journalist, Arthel Neville is famous as a tv personality in her way.

Salary & Net Worth

Neville’s earnings as an anchor and journalist are sufficient for her living. She reportedly makes a hundred thousand a year, according to reports.

Arthel Neville’s estimated net worth is more than 1.5 million dollars.

Arthel Neville is Married to her Husband, Taku Hirano.

Image of Arthel Neville with her husband, Taku Hirano
Arthel Neville with her husband, Taku Hirano

Arthel was married to Derick Lassic before being hitched to her current husband, Taku Hirano.

Arthel and Taku tied the knot in 2001 on a beach in Maui, the Wailea Beach Resort. The pair has differences in terms of their nationalities, ages, and cultures.

The loving couple lives a fulfilled life despite their distinctive characteristics.

Who is Taku Hirano?

Taku Hirano is a drummer, music artist, and native of Japan. Although Taku was raised in California and Hong Kong, he was born in Japan.

Taku studied in different colleges and schools about his passion, music. He also travelled to several countries and worked with various productions and recordings.

Taku shares his talents not only through his albums but also during seminars and workshops. His achievements and magazine features indicate that he has a great career as a musician and is an inspiration to many.

Political Party

In the US, Arthel is a member of the Democratic Party. Neville was one of the Fox News hosts backing President Obama’s previous government.

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